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  1. samkfj

    Curious 14 (You ever had a bad roommate?)

    Was having a conversation with a pal of mine--and he brings up an old... mutual--person we know. I thought I'd share this story for you... as a cautionary tale of sorts. So prepare for a decent read. I hope to hold your interest. So--this happened back when I was in my early 20's. I had already...
  2. samkfj

    Curious 13 (What is your best quality?)

    I asked previously--what your worst attribute is; but now, I want to know what your best quality is. It's not all negative here, so show me what you have. For me--everyone tells me this. They say my best quality is making them smile, laugh, or feel happy. I've been told numerous times that my...
  3. samkfj

    Curious 12 (If you could--what song would you want to play at the end of your game?)

    Assuming we had the money to pay for licensing for a song from your favorite musician... what song would you want to play at the end of your game? The song that would tell the story of your game in just a few minutes? If you managed to take a look at my post on that song that just gets you...
  4. samkfj

    Curious 11 (What is a strange habit or habits you have?)

    So--I think we're all friendly enough... what's a strange habit or habits you have? I for instance--have to wash my hands all the time. People call it OCD--I call it keeping clean and not getting sick. I don't like dirty hands, and I also don't like shaking people's hands because I have this...
  5. samkfj

    Curious 10 (How Do You Keep Healthy?)

    I know by now--y'all are probably like "why does he keep naming and numbering his posts as Curious X?" It's really just my nature--inquisitive and trying to spark conversation. That, and it's a social experiment I've been running, and y'all are my guinea pigs. Joking Regardless--what do you...
  6. samkfj

    Curious 9 (What's that one song--that just gets you when you hear it?)

    Everyone has a song that just--hits them in the feels. It can be for any reason. It might not even be something tangible--but it does. Could be one, could be multiple. I think for me... that song would have to be Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. See--everyone has that one... person. I still...
  7. samkfj

    Curious 8 (Who else is into pen and paper games?)

    Though--I know it's been asked, let's talk more about it. So I started playing back in my early college years. I was very much into partying, drinking and finding companionship around campus. If you saw me then, you'd think I wasn't into dnd--which to be fair, I wasn't; at least not until I...
  8. samkfj

    Say Hello to 2019!

    2018 is almost over--and already done for many on this forum as you read this. Was it a bad year? Was it a good year? I can't answer for anyone but myself... but it was good--and it was bad. I lost my father this year--I miss him very much; he was my hero and my biggest fan, I regret that he...
  9. samkfj

    Curious 7 (How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk)

    I found this little gem, and wanted to share it with y'all. Now--unfortunately it's only confined to the continental United States, but there are also many parts here that use a lot of European based words in their everyday speech too. So if you're from anywhere not in the US, maybe you'll find...
  10. samkfj

    Curious 6 (What is the Soundtrack to Your Life?)

    You're approached by someone that wants to make a movie based on your life. You're tasked with creating the soundtrack. You can link the music too, but maybe use links rather than videos. I'm real curious to what y'all would pick. Maybe something I would totally fall in love with, or something...
  11. samkfj

    Curious 5 (What is in your opinion, your worst attribute?)

    I was talkin' with my girl about this... according to her my worst attribute is that I take nothing seriously. That's not true--am very serious. Am serious right now, but ya wouldn' be able to tell on account'a the mask of the interwebs. No--if anything... I'd say my worst attribute is that am...
  12. samkfj

    Curious 4 (Who here enjoys the art of cooking?)

    I love cooking. I love the **** out of it. I love cooking for guests, relatives, prospective women; everyone. I was always told a woman enjoys the sight of a man in the kitchen, whether she does or not; I'll still be in there. Who else here enjoys it, and what do you like to cook? What is...
  13. samkfj

    Curious 3 (If you had to describe your game with one sentence?)

    This was an exercise I used to do in college for GSP. We had to describe our game with only one sentence, and we had to abide by that sentence until completion. I'll go first. Run the Last True Symphony: A love story--trying its absolute hardest to be an epic adventure.
  14. samkfj

    Curious 2 (Any other paranormal witnesses/enthusiasts?)

    Very curious... y'all ever--see things you couldn't explain, hear things you couldn't identify, or felt something that shouldn't have been there? Or--maybe have a liking for stories people share about their experiences? Do ya believe?--or maybe not? Let's talk about it.
  15. samkfj

    Curious (Any other punk rock lovers on here?)

    Title says it all... I find myself always wanting to meet/chat with people about all kinds of things--but I always try to find (which is rare) someone else who enjoys any form of punk rock. I grew up with it, and though I've fallen out of many of the things from my youth--I don't think I'll...
  16. samkfj

    RMMV Run The Last True Symphony (V.280 In Development)

    Hello!--and thank you for visiting! My name is Sam, and this is the game I've been working on for a while. I hope you enjoy where I'm taking everything, and I hope you stick around to see where it continues to go. The game is ready to play, but still very far from completion. In essence, you...
  17. samkfj

    samkfj Resources (Electronics, TV's, Arcade Cabs, and other Modern Things I may forget)

    EDIT 10/18/18 initiated 1:55am cst. Am gonna begin to move everything to this first page. It might take me a few tries... but just so you don't have to sift through everything. I'll try to have everything neat and tidy using spoilers. I wanted to share with you all, some things I've created...
  18. samkfj


    I've been a member of this forum for a long time now, and been visiting probably even longer... however, I have never posted a single message. That changes today. First and foremost, I want to say thank you to those of you that have created such amazing content for MV, without a lot of it, I'd...

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