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  1. MerlinCross

    RMMV Auto Passive States(Yep) - Help with Conditions/Expanded?

    I'm wondering how to do this. So I thought of giving players an "Overheat" and thought to use the Auto Passive State plug in by Yanfly. But here's the problem; The condition shows up and works when the target gets to 100 TP. And the moment they go to 99 or below, they lose it. I'd rather...
  2. MerlinCross

    Overheat - Replacing TP Gauge

    I thought of an idea but getting mixed responses on my google fu. Idea goes that if you hit 100 on your TP gauge you enter an overheat state. This could do many things depending on what you want for the game but the problem first comes in figuring out how to make the game check TP and fire it...
  3. MerlinCross

    RMMV Last Shelter - Demo/Proof of Concept

    Last Shelter Disclaimer: Blood, death, some swearing, and alcohol mentioned. Info; RPG, Modern, Apocalypse, "Horror?" SYNOPSIS The dead rise and monsters stalk the darkness. Explore the sewer system a small band of survivors have taken over, looting supplies and dealing with threats. All the...
  4. MerlinCross

    Skill Accuracy - Without Certain Hit

    Well I suppose the easiest way to do this is just make the actor/class have 100% hit but ANYWAY; I've been messing around with some plugins and other settings and have noticed something that is a tad confusing to me. Physical and Physical. By that I mean the Physical Hit Type and the Physical...
  5. MerlinCross

    Skill Sorting - Slight Problems

    So, maybe I'm goofing up here or maybe someone can point me at a plugin that works. Though I prefer to ask if I'm messing up in the data base first and being dim before dipping into Java Scripts. Here's the set up, with visual aids. Cyro is an equipment that sits at ID 61. It teach a skill...
  6. MerlinCross

    RMMV Yanfly Action Sequence - Random Targets

    Hi. I'm trying to make an attack that randomly hits a couple targets. Yanfly's Action Sequence might seem to be the best way to actually do this but... I'm not sure how to actually rig the attack up. Regardless of what I input or use what seems to happen with Scope; 2 Random Enemies(or more)...
  7. MerlinCross

    Pre Battle Buffs

    This idea came about due to me not realizing something and taking steps to fix it. I went to test the game and saw some skills or healing effects still buffed me on the menu screen, along with other skills being castable but not doing anything. So I went and started to fix that... Till I got...
  8. MerlinCross

    Keep Main Menu Theme going

    So the music I use for the main menu is pretty thematic I feel and fits well into the short opening bit I have for my game. However to keep the music going, I would have to do "Change BGM to Theme" somewhere in the opening event. This leads to a weird instance of "Wait wasn't the music already...
  9. MerlinCross

    Enemy TP - Do they have it and generate it?

    Unsure where to ask; do enemies generator TP much like Actors do? I ask this because my damage formulas take into account TP on the target. I made this mainly for the Player to weigh using TP or burning it for skills. The problem becomes I don't want monsters to have this extra bonus. So is...
  10. MerlinCross

    RMMV Sell All of X

    Right so I could maybe rig up something to do this with events(and if there's an easy way to do that let me know) BUT here's what I'm doing and the answer/plugin I'm looking for. Player collects monster parts. Goes to shop. Has to sell them all. So they select "Death Gel", max it out and get...
  11. MerlinCross

    Power Charge - Yanfly Battle and Buff Cores

    So I'm having a.... odd problem. I attempted to follow Yanfly's Power/Mind Charge tutorial. It works but I wanted to have 1 skill buff the next attack so I removed anything mentioning Physical or Magical. And it works! Damage is doubled...., but hard to tell the attack is going off. Yanfly has...
  12. MerlinCross

    RMMV Yanfly Message Core - Name Box issues

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with this. A rather weird bug is happening when I use the command for nameboxes. It looks fine and all but there's a couple problems. Namely that the boxes will vanish. As an example; \n<Merchant?> So what are you buying? Will show up in the small namebox but...
  13. MerlinCross

    Multi Check Conditional Branch?

    I asked this before, about items, and I had a work around if long and annoying but I'd like to see if I can get some advise about this. If this needs to be moved to script request, I'm sorry just asking for ideas or pointed in the right section. What I'm trying to do is rig up a small 'quip'...
  14. MerlinCross

    RMMV Yanfly Message Core - Multiple commands/changes?

    I'm not sure how one does this though at the same time this might be an issue without a plug in anyway so better ask. What I would like to do is change the color of some of the messages or text effect Message core gives, while at the same time keeping said effect. An example; \n<Merchant?>...
  15. MerlinCross

    RMMV Yanfly Element Core

    So I have Yanfly Element Core and I'm curious as to HOW it effects damage. Put a different way, say the formula is (Attack *2) - (Def * 1.25). And it's a Fire attack that carries with it say <Element Magnify Fire: +200%> from a state or buff. Where does that buff go? ((Attack *2) * 200%)-...
  16. MerlinCross

    Balance Numbers

    So there's probably no easy answer for this but I'd like to get some advise. Thus far, I've been balancing around what the party needs. How much damage they need to do, how much they need to heal based on their HP, etc etc. However due to this I haven't really processed how much this would...
  17. MerlinCross

    Dumb Question - Slash Special 3

    Asking this here as I don't know if MZ has a different one. MV comes with a Slash Special 3 animation, a couple quick slashes with cherry blossoms and a couple letter characters that pop up. Do those characters actually MEAN anything or are they just there to be neat/cool/fancy?
  18. MerlinCross

    RMMV Randomized State - Yanfly State Core

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to apply a random state after using a skill. That and maybe check to see what states it has and clears any possible state that could be applied by this skill(So you can't just stack it). I looked around and found a post that kinda gave a base idea but doesn't...
  19. MerlinCross

    Status and Informing the Player

    So I'm coming up with more off brand status effects(states) or at least more out there than the standard ones presented in base game. So this gives me a bit of a problem. How to inform the player about what they do. Oh I'm sure there's a plug in or event you could run but that's not the...
  20. MerlinCross

    RMMV Yanfly Skill Core = Lunatic Show Requirements

    So what I'm trying to do is have 1 item that gives a bunch of different skills. However, each skill is tied to a certain character(actor or class). To give an example, the big Water attack is tied to damage dealers while the healer gets 2 water themed spells instead of one. In following the...

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