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  1. Studio Blue

    DLC Not Included (Game Development Podcast)

    Hello everyone! Allow us to introduce Studio Blue's Game Development Podcast, "DLC Not Included". We created this podcast to further expand upon game development topics we come across while critiquing (doing Let's Plays of) various indie games. Our goal is to release a new podcast every Monday...
  2. Studio Blue

    Character Waits Until After Another (Turn Order Manipulation)

    Hello, and hope everyone's having a fantastic day! We're looking for a plugin that will work with the YanFly STB, the YanFly CTB, or the Olivia OTB. In this instance, we're not able to use any ATB, but if the plugin can work for ATB, then that's fine too. We'll personally be using either STB...
  3. Studio Blue

    Add State on enemy when other State is inflicted (Enemy Tag)

    Hello, we're looking for a plugin that will allow us to modify the enemy tag so that if a state is inflicted in combat, another is immediately added. For example, if poison is added to a slime, blind is immediately added. Poison is kept (it's not overwritten), but it's added as well. So in this...
  4. Studio Blue

    Hosting a Game Jam Contest

    Hey everyone, Steel and Teal with Studio Blue here. Since we've reached 100 subscribers, we've decided to host a Game Jam Contest next week. This is an RPG Maker contest open to everyone. We have a few rules we'd like to go over, so please listen up. We also posted a short video going over the...
  5. Studio Blue

    How to make a Damage Character Graphic (Without using the MV Generator)

    Let's say you want to use something other than the chibi-like graphics generator for RPG Maker MV, or you're using RPG Maker VX/Ace (or earlier), and you want to create a damage character graphic. Well, it's a lot more simple than it looks, and in this video, we show you a real easy way to do...
  6. Studio Blue

    Our Tips For a Good Game

    So we've been having a bunch of new developers contact us over Twitter and Facebook, asking what's the most important part of designing your game. The answer we give is effectively "everything", but after we all have a good laugh, we proceed to tell them that there are three things essential to...
  7. Studio Blue

    Looking for games to LP!

    Hello! We are looking for games to do "Let's Play/First Impressions" videos. Here is a little bit about us: Our experience is in game development (we've worked in the industry in the Houston area) and writing (Steel is a published author and Teal is an editor), and we've been working on...
  8. Studio Blue

    TP not showing up properly in battle

    OK, so this error has me scratching my head, because I cannot figure out what's causing it, if it's plugin or event, or what. Basically, the TP shown in the status screen (and on the main HUD) is not what is showing as the TP in the battle engine (and therefore affects what TP skills can be...
  9. Studio Blue

    Method to Upgrade Values on Skills, Weapons, and Armor

    I'm not sure if this is partially covered in YanFly's Learned Skills Plugin, but I'd like to see a plugin that allows for the expenditure of points (Story Points according to my project's nomenclature, but essentially Job Points) upgrade the effectiveness (i.e. the damage/absorption values, as...
  10. Studio Blue

    Forced Romance vs. Open Romance

    This is more of a treatise than a question, but I am very interested in the feedback of others on this topic: How Romance is Handled in Video Games. The way I see it, there are two main types of ways to handle romance in a game, and it boils down to the player being able to chose versus the...
  11. Studio Blue

    TDDP_PreloadManager Plugin Command on Map?

    This is geared toward folks with extensive knowledge of the "TDDP_PreloadManager" plugin, but I'll be happy to hear from anyone who knows about this. Are there plugin commands on the map for the TDDP_PreloadManager? For example, could I do a command like "TDDP.PreloadBGM = ["Fight -...
  12. Studio Blue

    Default Animation Always Playing

    In the database, I have each character's unique weapon associated with a specific battle animation (please see screenshot below). However, whenever I run a test play, the only animation that shows when any weapon attacks is the default "001 Hit Physical" animation. I'm not sure if it's something...
  13. Studio Blue

    Thoughts on QTEs in RPG Maker

    OK, let me just dive right in. I have a mixed love affair with Quick Time Events. On the positive, I've been a gamer since Dragon's Lair came out in the 80's (I know that rather dates me), and I loved games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. There is a certain enjoyment that comes out of...
  14. Studio Blue

    Hello from a Husband and Wife Team!

    Hello there! We are a husband and wife team that recently formed a game design company. We've worked on several non-commercial RPG Maker projects in the past, and are now transitioning to commercial games for release on Steam. Our first project is a Steampunk/Victorian RPG with mystical...
  15. Studio Blue

    Moghunter Battler Motion not working!

    OK, new to the boards but not new to RPGmaker. Have the wonderful plugins by Moghunter installed, and all of them but Battler Motion works. For example, I have assigned the "Motion Action: 5" to the "Attack" skill, which should make the characters run to the enemy when attacking. However...

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