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  1. Firgof

    Grabbing the screen without Bitmap.snap?

    Working on a game that I'd like to do a 'screen ghosting' effect/glitch, where I take a snap of the present scene (aka 'taking a screenshot'), lower the snap's alpha, and place it at a random small amount of offset for a short period of time before I destroy it.  Unfortunately, Bitmap.snap is...
  2. Firgof

    $gameInterpreter.wait() doesn't work?

    I've been referencing the 'script equivalent of command calls' list a lot lately ( link ) but the listing for the Wait command doesn't work. I can't locate $gameInterpreter in my console, firstly.  I was able to find it being created (or at least where I think it's created, I'm an amateur...
  3. Firgof

    MessageY is not defined (Number Input window)

    Getting a 'messageY is not defined' error when I do an Input Number Prompt event.  Some quick background information: I've modified the core scripts so that messages get placed at different coordinates than they do in the base. My HUD occludes most of the messages in their default positions so...
  4. Firgof

    DiM: Afterhours

      A download link will be available here when it is completed.   Story/Setting Nearly a century into the future the world is still recovering from the Global Climate Crisis. With the world in disarray the games industry is thriving as more and more people attempt to escape...
  5. Firgof

    Firgof's CRT Monitor Effect

    Introduction This extractable plug and play addon puts your game-world inside a CRT/LED-hybrid monitor for a unique aesthetic. Features Animated 'buzziness' to simulate authentic CRT-style monitor errors. Support for 'glitchy' behavior, including 'ghosting' and corrupted graphics memory...
  6. Firgof

    Firgof's Discount Art and Sprites

    Manager's Note :D  Thank you for stopping by!  :D   This thread is a FREE repository for old or unused content from projects I've worked on in the past - none of this content has been used in a finalized game. (The "Discount" is of the 'five finger' variety, though the store appreciates...
  7. Firgof

    "Strobing" message boxes?

    I'm working on an overlay script which produces a sort of strange CRT/LED hybrid effect and though messages display fine on the main menu the moment I go into a Map it starts flickering madly. Additionally, I can't get the overlay to stay persistent between Scenes - it gets really glitchy...
  8. Firgof

    Attempting to port a CRT effect from VXA to MV

    The original effect: This addon: Grab the addon here (download provided by Google Drive). To install, extract the archive's contents to your project's base directory and install the plugin via the plugin manager.  It's plug and play so it should be working the next time you launch the...
  9. Firgof

    Changing the windowskin?

    Just a quick question: How do we change the windowskin in-game?  Was hoping to give certain speech windows a different style.
  10. Firgof

    TV Screen/CRT Monitor script/shader?

    I'd love to have a shader which goes after all my scripts, etc., and is rendered on top of the whole game screen to make the game look as if its being run on an old, very-large-pixel, CRT monitor. I've looked around the internet and have seen folks pull it off -- but I haven't seen anyone...
  11. Firgof

    At wit's end with Bitmap.clear

    I'm working on a custom HUD which tracks some game variables and a few switches.  The problem comes from swapping a bitmap out for another (as this is an almost entirely graphical HUD).  When I go to clear my bitmaps they just vanish forever; even when I assign a picture to them immediately...
  12. Firgof

    Tweening Animated Parallax

    I'm looking for a script which animates the background parallax automatically, similarly to modern algebra's script. However, I would like it to tween between frames and not instantly switch.  By which I mean: An example: (Frame 1) Parallax Image 1: 100% Alpha Parallax Image 2: 0% Alpha...
  13. Firgof

    DIM [Demo v0.04 (12/19/13) available]

    An Adventure/Horror Game (Demo of the Prologue available at the bottom of this post -- Feedback welcome!)   Development Progress ETA: Feb 2014 Story [ * * * * - ] Design [ * * - - - ]  Art [ * * * - - ] SFX/BGM [ * * * - - ]   What is a secret worth?  Is it worth your comfort, your friends...
  14. Firgof


    Can we intercept and process the Audio stream of RPGVX Ace?  If we can, then I'd love the following add-on: Simply, the ability to process the SE channel with Reverb; alternatively processing all audio. Any number of settings.  Would prefer it to be in script format.  Changing the...
  15. Firgof

    A simple status window for regional maps

    Edit: I've culled all the scene stuff from the window and am now attempting to call the window directly. This should keep the current map in context and allow it to run alongside the other events that are being triggered. Now the window vanishes after one cycle; I'm not sure how to convince it...

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