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  1. Square_art

    What is your 5 year plan?

    I don't have a plan even for the next month :) Too many plans, too much thinking about the future = anxiety. Something that I learnt with experience. Today is all that we have, stay happy today and do what you feel is right to do. That's the plan.
  2. Square_art

    Do you have a #1 favorite game? Which one?

    Favorited game of all time: Final Fantasy IX. I loved the art style of the game, the characters, the story, the gameplay, everything about this game. Games that I like to play now: UFC 2, MMA Fighting game. One of the hardest game to figure out how to play it, but once it's learned, it becomes...
  3. Square_art

    Plueschkatze's Art [Inktober]

    8 hours, whoa, it looks beautiful, it was worthy~!
  4. Square_art

    Hello everyone! It has been a while :)

    Hello! My name is Vladimir. I was active on forum back in... 2013 :) Last year I was working on RPG Maker game and on improving my skills as an artist. Was visiting this forum from time to time to read it, now I want to start to communicate with all of you :) I think all RPG Makers have...
  5. Square_art

    Original video game and fan art artworks

    Thank you! I always liked to draw, but in the past I was doing it rarely and without thinking about fundamentals like placement, perspective, planes, anatomy, color theory, etc. 18 months ago I started to learn everything from the very basics to decrease the gaps in my skills. Since then I...
  6. Square_art

    Just a composer saying hi~!

    Welcome! "Palace of the Tides", I enjoyed your music!
  7. Square_art

    Original video game and fan art artworks

    I always had a dream to become an artist and video game developer, but the choice of another education and work was made few-several years ago. Eighteen months ago I decided to leave my common job to pursue the dream to become an artist. Eighteen months ago I started from the basics and...
  8. Square_art

    Need support from other RPG Maker Game Creators

    Thank you! To be honest I had a feeling that cursor is off, I like your idea to try diamond shape
  9. Square_art

    Say "Hello" in your language

    It made me smile :) I was learning RSL (Russian Sign Language) for awhile to communicate with some Russian deaf people. About 3 weeks ago I made a picture of RSL alphabet, added English transcription, so other people can read it as well...
  10. Square_art

    Need support from other RPG Maker Game Creators

    Hello everyone! Old RPG Maker user is back. I was working on RPG Maker video game alone for a very long time. Spent about 1500 hours into it. It was also practice for me as an artist, since I got experience to work in different styles; got experience of drawing everything that can relate to an...
  11. Square_art

    Share Your Mental Illnesses!

    Guys, you are so amazing to talk openly about these things. Regarding depression, as far as I know there are two types of depression. The first one is actual clinical depression. Which is brain chemistry related. It happens without any triggers from outside. I emphasise all the people who...
  12. Square_art


    Welcome back :)
  13. Square_art

    Draw This Again!

    Very nice improvement! The game also looks insteresting
  14. Square_art

    Games you think are underrated

    Rogue Galaxy.  Seriously. Who heard about this one? I didn't find a topic about Rogue Galaxy here and there are not many people in the Internet who knows this game. Nevertheless, the game is amazing! Genre: action jrpg. Graphics is outdated, but it still looks well enough. Music is very nice...
  15. Square_art

    The worst games you have ever played

    FFXIII was a great game in my eyes. Not a perfect/amazing one, some things was wrong in the gameplay (game over if the leader is KOed, sort of action battle system but no movement control, etc.), but altogether the game was great. Amazing graphics and unique story at least. I'm not surprised to...
  16. Square_art

    The worst games you have ever played

    Okay. Let's talk about the worst games you have ever played. Games that made you feel awfully sick. Games that you would never buy if you knew how terribly they were made.  I want us to spread a word about bad games and warn each other, what games we should never buy. At the same time, we...
  17. Square_art

    Do you have a #1 favorite game? Which one?

    Very nice choice. Even today I like to listen to its OST. Story, Graphics (for PS) and Gameplay was also amazing.  The only thing that I didn't like - some characters. Prefer human being ones, and grown ones. With some exceptions as Vivi and Fran :) My personal choice of #1 game is Final...
  18. Square_art

    E3 2016

    An evasion to answer a question with a question. What is GOOD (or not bad) in Zelda? (or whatever you call it, "ink" the hero of night)
  19. Square_art

    E3 2016

    Just did it. My first impression: graphics looks amazing.  My second impression: weirdo Zelda has appeared.  I probably just don't like the character :)
  20. Square_art

    E3 2016

    Why everyone so hyped about Zelda game? I heard Zelda is an elf or something, but I never played the game. The graphics looks childish. Pixel art games at least has an interesting style, but Zelda.. Does it have a powerful story, great gameplay or something? I don't what to say it's a bad game...

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