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  1. Luckysince97

    mouse rigth and left trigger

    So as i dont really know where to post this since is a technical question pertaining to the default platform, i was asking myself if someone knew if the right mouse trigger and left mouse trigger were bind to a keyboard key, and if the anwser is yes which were they... so that i could make my...
  2. Luckysince97

    RMMZ condition branch / battle start

    is there a way to have a condition branch that check if battle has started, in a parallels common event
  3. Luckysince97

    RMMZ Map teleport /Map Id [2]

    ok i would like to create a event where the player is port from map [id:1] to map [id:2] and then take [map id:2 x, y] and port back to map [id:1] but without losing ( x, y ) of map [id 2], my problem is that there is only one Data Map Id so there is no way to keep 2 position : point of teleport...
  4. Luckysince97

    RMMZ no exp plugin/ change region id

    1: was wondering if there was a plugin that would take out the default experience scene from battle so that i could give exp on a quest reward method, if not it not a problem but just wondering... 2: if i remember there was a plugin under mv that let you change region id , or it was a script...
  5. Luckysince97

    RMMZ forward not define

    Ok let me explain in short what im trying to do first i want my protagonist to start in solo then i want my protagonist to reach party member chronologicaly so here is the problem i change the default party member to 5 when i put my system starting party to 5 and my 5 party member are in...
  6. Luckysince97

    RMMZ Visustella ElementStatusCore/core engine 1.02

    Ok i updated the engine with all tier 0-1 , as well as 2 to 5 , and now i look like the trait are not refreshing corectly, even with correct <notetag:not refreshing> it use to be on random with weigth , so i try to open a new project restart from fresh same thing it just look like even default...
  7. Luckysince97

    RMMZ ok now it definitly a feature missing

    so i was trying to start with only 1 team member , i succeeded in making it reappears but player 1 which is in the starting party even if remove is still showing up in the party, so turn around and went with party from visu and add all member and then lock all of them to only unlock 1 member at...
  8. Luckysince97

    RMMZ Bug/need update or just lost the twist

    As i usually do , i start the game in transparency on, and ask player about is sex age name habit and such , i put a self switch and transfer the player to off the transparency, thought for a reason or an other ( there is no party on start) it only work if there is reid in party by start if i...
  9. Luckysince97

    RMMZ More page /common event

    I think i already ask that for mv, im aint sure but would it be possible to have a plugin that mange common event the same way as an event so that if i want let say put a self swicth to a common event that is somewhat complexe, and all that without parallel process,it would be good for mutiple...
  10. Luckysince97

    RMMZ plugin request or scriptcall

    so again simple equation that i need to be taken care of in the battle system [Skill speed minus agility, and spell speed minus intelect let say ( mp +mat+mdf/2) i remeber yanfly having such a thing but aint sure if it have been updated to mz and if it could do that
  11. Luckysince97


    i dont know where to post this i know we use to have a place where we could ask for some plugin developpement ...but cant seem to see it under mz... That said, i was wondering if anybody had made a plugin that take the agility of a charater in an action what i want to do now that we got some...
  12. Luckysince97

    common event/ more trigger

    hey been afk for a while but got more time to enjoy rpg maker...woot Ok i was wondering if there was a plugin or a way to trigger a common event without using parrallel or autorun, and just use a swicth on/off... i got a common event that im running from main menu, using main menu manager from...
  13. Luckysince97

    Working afk

    So pertaining to my actual work, I was asking myself if there was a way to export maybe by onedrive or similar app my rpgproject to my phone so i can continue working away from keyboard... and if the answer is yes how to...
  14. Luckysince97

    Region restriction n region common event

    I was asking myself if there was a way to change the region number as we can do with tileset... All that without copy a map nd change the region common event number... Just a plugin command like swicth 1 to region 2 as for a: a level up region... B:u were not able to pass now u can...i know...
  15. Luckysince97

    How to layer a bridge on top layer

    i had problem, but after some more test i found exactly all i wanted so no need for more explanation, on parralax i was searching the swicth method, not knowing it was inside doodad menu....ty FlyingDream for your video, i found out where the switch are...
  16. Luckysince97

    Event position change save

    Ok so i think i said everything in the vid, but if not is there a way to save event location after your actor leave a map and return... or should i just put an no transfer to each door till all the tutorial are done Ty for your time, it appreciated...
  17. Luckysince97

    Sometime, if nothing work it may be something else ! Bug

    So this morning i post a damage formulae and after a couple write wrong, i found out that any skill would not kill the enemy targeted, i said to my self ,probably my setting, so went to search on the net to check if people would have same kind of problem i do so i write down ( enemy not dying to...
  18. Luckysince97

    Evaluate target incoming hit

    Ok in hope, Im in the right place tuto or support, so here is my problem im trying to make a skill that evaluate the incoming hit direction and to put a +- to damage depending on var so i try common event that call a force action but it seem to complex when it could be easier and does not do...
  19. Luckysince97

    About Common event limitation

    So i got a processing issue and i wanna know what are the limitation of common event process... To explain my situation a bit, i got multiple switch[24], in a serie of : if 1 [on] learn weapon [1] or if 2 till 25 but after a few line the process stop to be read and the on stay off even if the...
  20. Luckysince97

    update1.6.0 vs plugin

    If you have an old project that needs updating, do the following: Make a backup of your project. Create a new project or go to the NewData folder in your RPG Maker MV root (where MV is installed) folder. Copy the new js files (RPG*.js and Libs Folder) and replace the one in your old...

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