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  1. Beminfire

    Help with skill that reduces HP to 1

    ^ The title I tried b.hp - (b.hp - 1) as my Damage but it's not working. Instead the attack literally just does 1 damage. What am I doing wrong? If it makes any difference the enemy is using the skill my characters had attack and magic attack buffs on them. Thanks in advance.
  2. Beminfire

    Enemies attack themselves or don't attack at all

    I'm currently working on an RPG in MV but I'm having trouble getting the enemies to actually attack the hero characters (Making the battles VERY easy). Whenever it's the enemy's turn to attack, they do one of three things: - Do nothing (most likely) - Attack themself (second most likely) -...
  3. Beminfire

    Late-Game Features for my game

    I'm currently using RMMV to create a game where (depending on the enemy you are fighting, of course) leveling up will be easy and the level cap can be reached without having to grind a ton. I'm planning on having late-game features like Galv's Magic Shards available once you reach the level cap...
  4. Beminfire

    Help with my new Horror Game

    Hi, I'm making a horror game in RPG Maker MV. - When I open up the Item menu i want to make it so you don't see the Weapons and Armor options because I won't use them. - Also I would like the player to only have 1 save slot and when they save no menu pops up for it and just saves to the one...
  5. Beminfire

    Help with Enemies and Charging Attacks

    I'm making a boss fight in my game called "Sir Trump" (Yes, donald trump). One of his attacks is named "Make America Great Again". That attack will be a one hit kill, but I want it to display that he is charging it up in the round before so you can prepare and use the guard option. So...

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