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  1. PathosFear

    Hide skilltypes until the actor has learned any skills.

    So, I have a problem. I want either a way to let a character permanently use a certain skill type (Art, Magic, Tecnique etc.) from an event, basically walking up to a npc and asking for lessons, or, a way to hide the skill type from menues until the character has learned a skill from that...
  2. PathosFear

    Animations called outside battle rendered under characters?

    Is it possible? Say, if I have made a "teleport" animation for when someone teleports in. It consists of two parts, a beam coming down from the sky (that works fine, it should be on top of characters) and then a magic circle emanating from the beam. At the moment, the circle is rendered above...
  3. PathosFear

    Map transition and load issues with Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads

    So, whenever I load a game or transition from one map to another, "doodads" placed and player party load before the rest of the map, making things look silly, as there are a couple of flowers and furniture in an infinite void of darkness before the rest of the map fades in. Also, for some...
  4. PathosFear

    Way to permanently increase gold drop?

    So, I have this idea on an event that permanently increase gold drop rate. Is there a way to achieve this using either plugins or the base software? At least a way that doesn't mean I'll have to make custom enemies for each and every level of bonus gold drop rate the player collects.
  5. PathosFear

    How to display weapon damage type in menus?

    RPGMAKER MV So I notice in some games when people hover over weapons in the menues, they can see that weapon's elemental stats? Is that a plugin, or is there some key you can press for more info? Because as is, I can only see parameters, no elemental info. If it's a plugin, does anyone have an...
  6. PathosFear

    Need help with DreamX's Random Affixes plugin.

    OK, so the author of this particular plugin hasn't been online for about a year, so the chances of getting help from him is zero to naught, I think. I tried sending him a message, and added a comment on his plugin thread, but I figured I could ask here as well, as it's mostly about getting help...
  7. PathosFear

    YEP_ItemCore adds mysterious weapons.

    Hey, having this issue where having ItemCore enabled adds the starting gear from actor ID's 0003 and 0005 into the starting inventory, even though they are not in the party when the game starts. No gear or otherwise is added. Just the starting weapons. I know this because I tried selecting...
  8. PathosFear

    Request: Plugin that lets me set conditions for certain drops!

    Hey, I'm sorry if this is covered elsewhere. I did a few searches but, it's tricky to try and figure out what other pople would think of to "name" the problem. Anyway, I need a plugin that lets you set conditions for certain items to drop. Say, I want all enemies to drop their souls if special...
  9. PathosFear

    Is there a Simple Way to check if an event actually moved?

    Is there a way to check to see if an event actually manages to move from it's movement route before executing the following events? Say, if I had an event that wanted to go down. If he could (if he didn't "skip" the movement), I want events to happen. If he had to skip movement due to...

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