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  1. dwiseman57

    Olivia Weapon Swap Plugin - Start game with weapons equipped

    I am trying to have my game begin with the different weapon slots already filled. At the moment, I have to manually load the menu, go to equip and add the extra weapons as part of the Olivia functionality. Ideally though I want to write some script or notetag to have a weapon equipped during my...
  2. dwiseman57

    Text being chopped off...

    See how the top of the text on "Restores" is missing below? I've noticed this in my project lately. I have quite a few plugins installed... Before I go through one by one turning them off and on, anyone ever seen this before ? Is it something to do with "line height" somewhere? Maybe font size...
  3. dwiseman57

    Move individual choice positions

    I would like to be able to move the position of each choice in the "show choices" window. For example, in the screenshot below "Status" might be near the top, then "Workers" might be 100px below it, and so on. I have tried using Yanfly Message Core codes, e.g \py[0] and \px[0] but it wont...
  4. dwiseman57

    How to get enemy value in script?

    Hey all I am working on a custom HUD for my battles using SumRdDde Hud Maker. I am using the YEP Absorption Barrier plugin to give my enemies shields. I can use the script call below to get the current value of their shield: battler.barrierPoints() But it doesn't work - I think I need to...
  5. dwiseman57

    Script call to jump straight to key items section

    Hey folks I have a custom plugin handling my main menu. I want one of the menu buttons to take the player straight to the "Key Items" section of "Items" when pressed. This is my function Scene_Menu.prototype.commandKeyItems = function () { //Change this below to point to key items...
  6. dwiseman57

    Add custom gauge to battle status window?

    Hey all I am using Yanfly's Absorption Barrier plugin to give my character a "shield" in battle. (My game is a space sim, with ship-to-ship combat. Ships have shields!) I am also using Olivias Side Battle UI plugin however I can't find a way to add a shield gauge to the status window. I've...
  7. dwiseman57

    How to hide skill name in battle log?

    Hey guys. I've been stuck on this for a while. I've searched but nothing quite does it. I've posted on reddit and was recommended to post here, as I'm probably looking to edit some script rather than through a plugin... I want to hide the name of skills being used, in the battle log... BUT...
  8. dwiseman57

    Looking to hire a JS dev for our MV game

    Hey folks. I am looking to hire a JS developer familiar with RPG Maker MV to help us create some custom windows and plugins etc. Is anyone interested? Thanks
  9. dwiseman57

    How to create a shop with variable prices

    Can anyone help? I've been googling for hours and nothing I try seems to work... I want to be able to set the prices for items in a Shop Event, based on the value of a variable. For example, the value of "Potion" is set elsewhere and stored in a variable. When the player goes to a shop, I want...

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