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  1. Gianmher

    Item Log

    Hi. Excellent plugin. Is it possible to display off-battle exp points in some way?
  2. Gianmher

    RMMV Cat Quest: The Last Catmancer

    I mean, the save point is for farming lv in those dungeons, because you can't go back when you reach the double boss chamber. I've reached lv 40 before enter in that area, but it's impossible beat the first double boss fight
  3. Gianmher

    MEMO: I need to check my privacy settings later

    MEMO: I need to check my privacy settings later
  4. Gianmher

    RMMV Cat Quest: The Last Catmancer

    Hey, you have no mercy with those double boss fights. I suggest you to add a save-heal point before the 4 dungeons in the hall
  5. Gianmher

    RMMV The Owl and The Rat

    I got 4 endings so that's what I think: - there are no big bugs, this is very good for a first game - the characters are all original and well made - there are relationships that diversify the lore a little. Good - some puzzles are easy, but they are put in a way to confuse you and increase the...
  6. Gianmher

    RMMV The Owl and The Rat

    I had the bucket full of blood but nothing seem to happen in the hall next the dog
  7. Gianmher

    RMMV The Owl and The Rat

    Hi. I found the three parts of the doll, but I can't put them on the chair. Did I miss something?
  8. Gianmher

    RMMV Crossroads Of Fate/Divided

    Now it's ok
  9. Gianmher

    RMMV Crossroads Of Fate/Divided

    When you fight with Natalya, this happens:
  10. Gianmher

    RMXP BURDEN: an RPG Horror [RSE]

    It says: "Impossible to find a destination"
  11. Gianmher

    RMXP BURDEN: an RPG Horror [RSE]

    There is no .exe file
  12. Gianmher

    RMMV GoSu Arena (Battle Arena RPG)

    Something goes wrong with the behavior of some enemies (Darkclaw; Demon Dragon; Knight; Chimera; Serpent Queen). They don't attack me after casting their magic
  13. Gianmher

    RMMV Puzzleton - a puzzle game

    It's ok now But I have other bugs: when the red girl gives you a card, comes out error: fail to load "Victory1.ogg"; cleared monster's lv 9 will not unlock lv 10; in tile walker the treasure comes out even if you don't step on all O tile
  14. Gianmher

    RMMV Puzzleton - a puzzle game

    There is an invisible obstacle in maze lv 4; cards menu is stuck to "now loading"; cleared monster's lv 8 will not unlock lv 9; when you leave a monster's area and you are on a slowdown area, the player will remain slowed down until you step on that type of area again
  15. Gianmher

    RMMV Bhavacakra Grace 1.1.1 Final

    Very well done. It was a pleasure
  16. Gianmher

    RMMV Hero By Destiny (RTP GAME JAM)

    It's simple, but is well done and funny. Last level is a mess: after destroied 3 crystals (I don't know how!), the final cutscene is triggered in loop
  17. Gianmher

    RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    Ok. I need to level up. Thanks
  18. Gianmher

    RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    Hi there. Transient seems to be impossible, after guard the group against Trauma attack, I have no time and no item to recover all in order to keep attacking the boss. Potions and Harley give me too little recovery. Yes, I used softening sands
  19. Gianmher

    RMVXA The Abandoned Story

    Hi, the key located in the corner of the left hallway unlock the wrong door; in this room just unlocked I can't place the ladder
  20. Gianmher

    RMMV Epic Wings 15+ hours

    The casino's boss is very difficult, is there a specific tactics to take him down?

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