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  1. hikarushirou

    Crystal Eye [recruitment]

    Development Blog Game Thread Game Title: Crystal Eye This is rather plain looking eh? Seems to be missing the game title. I COULD just put it there in text, but that's boring. Would love if someone could make a logo for me. A crystal or dragon (solid color like a shadow so you don't have to...
  2. hikarushirou

    Crystal Eye [teaser demo v0.3]

    Development Blog Recruitment Thread   Background Crystal Eye is a game I made sometime in 2007 with Don Miguel’s translation of RPG Maker 2000. After playing a Sailor Moon and Yami no Matsuei one, I wanted to make one myself. Later I transferred it to 2003 and tried to in XP but that didn't work...
  3. hikarushirou

    That's the Sprite(dit)!

    RPG MAKER VX ACE Hello pixel artists! Looking for some recolours and personal sprites.   Recolours - Done, thanks slim! If someone recolour (just) the maids from Behavior4 to match Antares' Villager17 recolours? Behavior4 Antareas Villager17 Sprite Request Instead of using RTP sprites, or...
  4. hikarushirou

    [ANSWERED] Two Rooms, One Map

    RPG MAKER VX ACE   I keep having the smallest problems and can't seem to find them by Googling/searching. Only like... everything else.. Anyhow, I'd like to try and minimize maps (I don't have a lot now, but in the future, it'll be useful) by making two rooms on one map. I've spaced them out so...
  5. hikarushirou

    [ANSWERED] Acing on the Cake

    Program: RPG Maker VX Ace Script: Yanfly's Ace Message System   Ok, sooo, I've tried googling. My weirdo specific problems are hard to search for (or word I guess)... I want to have different colours show for the name depending on who's talking in the speech dialogue. But I'm not sure how to go...
  6. hikarushirou

    [ANSWERED] Stock Faceset Recolours

    RPG Maker VX Ace   Um, hi, sorry sorry xforever if this is the wrong spot. I looked through GrandmaDeb's list and I googled. I'm either not typing in the words correctly to find what I'm after, or I just can't find it... I'm looking for faceset recolours of RTP People5, People6, People7 and...

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