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  1. dwiseman57

    Olivia Weapon Swap Plugin - Start game with weapons equipped

    Since this might be something unique to me, does anyone know how to go about asking the Plugin dev for help on this? Is it likely to be something that can get support directly from them? What are peoples experience with asking the pro plugin devs for help?
  2. dwiseman57

    How to change certain tiles without changing tilesets?

    What was your solution please?
  3. dwiseman57

    Olivia Weapon Swap Plugin - Start game with weapons equipped

    Guessing this one isn't possible? No one else had this request?
  4. dwiseman57

    Olivia Weapon Swap Plugin - Start game with weapons equipped

    It is fun, but I have at least two reasons why I still need this for gameplay purposes... 1. The opening of the game, along with the story, includes various tutorials and requires the player's hero character to be full equipped when the game begins. (Subsequently loses weapons, and the fun of...
  5. dwiseman57

    Olivia Weapon Swap Plugin - Start game with weapons equipped

    I am trying to have my game begin with the different weapon slots already filled. At the moment, I have to manually load the menu, go to equip and add the extra weapons as part of the Olivia functionality. Ideally though I want to write some script or notetag to have a weapon equipped during my...
  6. dwiseman57

    YEP_X_ActorPartySwitch with HIME_ActorBattleCommands

    I am also looking for an answer to this. I want to use HIME_ActorBattleCommands plugin to show Olivia's Weapon Swap command
  7. dwiseman57

    Text being chopped off...

    Unfortunately, changing the "text padding" or "window padding" didn't solve it. It just moved the text closer to the edge of the surrounding window... It won't be the borders of my "window.png" file, since I've actually got it transparent (the screenshot uses background images) Reducing the...
  8. dwiseman57

    Text being chopped off...

    See how the top of the text on "Restores" is missing below? I've noticed this in my project lately. I have quite a few plugins installed... Before I go through one by one turning them off and on, anyone ever seen this before ? Is it something to do with "line height" somewhere? Maybe font size...
  9. dwiseman57

    Looking for pre-made animation sets

    I am also looking for pre-made animation json files. I'm surprised these aren't sold in packs like all the tileset DLC etc...
  10. dwiseman57

    Move individual choice positions

    I think I've managed to find a temporary solution using Its not exactly what I was looking for but will let me run some tests. I'll report back here @Shaz I was using just default Yanfly plugins. You can set the...
  11. dwiseman57

    Move individual choice positions

    I would like to be able to move the position of each choice in the "show choices" window. For example, in the screenshot below "Status" might be near the top, then "Workers" might be 100px below it, and so on. I have tried using Yanfly Message Core codes, e.g \py[0] and \px[0] but it wont...
  12. dwiseman57

    Creating Custom Windows In Events Using Script Calls

    I also would like to know how to close the window once opened
  13. dwiseman57

    Yanfly quest journal issue

    I'm confused by this too and do not understand the solution. I have the same error (no quests showing but a 1 in the "current" category). I am using all default settings...
  14. dwiseman57

    checking if item was sold?

    This looks perfect thank you! I will give it a try and report back. Do you make a lot of custom plugins caethyril?
  15. dwiseman57

    checking if item was sold?

    This works if you only have a few items... but what if you have 100's of different items? You'd need to check and store the number of each item you have in your inventory for each and every item in the database... Is there not a script/plugin based way to do this? Just a simple plugin that...
  16. dwiseman57

    Shop Menu Core (YEP) BUG

    I fixed it! Change line 146 from this._numberWindow.setup(this._item, this.maxSell(), this.sellingPrice()); to this._numberWindow.setup(this._item, this.maxSell(), this.sellingPrice()*-1); Now it basically multiplies the number by -1 so instead of deducting the total, it adds
  17. dwiseman57

    Shop Menu Core (YEP) BUG

    I also would like to know how to fix this. I need a "sell only shop" that ideally uses Shop Menu Core
  18. dwiseman57

    How to get enemy value in script?

    Great! Seems to work the same as using my variables, so thats good. I guess I just need to decide if I want them stored in game variables, for manipulating in the editor / events etc. Or whether to use the the $gameSystem variable for a script based approach. Either way I'm assigning the values...
  19. dwiseman57

    How to get enemy value in script?

    Thanks for this. I'll give it a try. Looks like a more elegant way that using game variables. Where should I put this code though? Do I need to make a custom plugin? (Never done that before)
  20. dwiseman57

    Changing the position of state icons on character. (Yanfly plugins)

    I'm also interested to know how to reposition the state icons

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