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  1. Strange_Dragon_99

    RPG Maker 2003 Resources for MV

  2. Strange_Dragon_99

    Summon Plugin

    I hope I am posting this in the right place. I did not see a place to request plugins in the JS section so.....if I am in the wrong place then someone direct me to he proper place please. What I am asking for is a plugin for RPG Maker MV that mimics the summon system of Final Fantasy X. ...
  3. Strange_Dragon_99

    MV Sideview Weapon Sheets(MOVED)

  4. Strange_Dragon_99

    MV Dragon Sprite Help

    Hey I started work on this sprite and I just don't have time to finish it! If anyone can do it for me, I would be grateful! You would get credit (of course) and I just don't have time to finish and animate it. Any help would be appreciated!! I made it for MV so... Someone help!! (It's the...
  5. Strange_Dragon_99

    Name Your Favorite

    Hey everyone! I have been using RPG Maker since about '95! I have my own favorites, but I was just wondering what everyone else's favorites were! (My personal favorites are 2003 and VX Ace)! Now, let's be civil! 
  6. Strange_Dragon_99

    Slimes For MV/Ace!!!

  7. Strange_Dragon_99

    Animal Recolors/Icons(MOVED)


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