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  1. DarcyJones

    RMMV: 1.6.0 update - Event Images Cannot be Changed to Tileset Images

    The Issue: I'm using RPGMaker MV and after getting my game up and running again after the update I can't seem to change my event images to look like tileset images. I can make them look like characters, chests, doors, etcetera, but when I scroll to the bottom and select a item from the tilesets...
  2. DarcyJones

    RPGMaker MV keeps crashing after the update...

    So. First the update made me unable to test my game. I made a backup, then replaced the html and .js libs folder. Boom it started working again. I could playtest and work again. But now when I try to change an event's Image, I can change it to look like characters but if I try to use an...

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