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  1. damianfox

    RMMV Galv's Layer Graphics Help

    Hello. I am new, so forgive my ignorance but I don't understand how to use parallax mapping. I was encouraged to install Galv's Layer Plugin, and I have done so, and followed the help notes up to a point where I am lost. I created a layers folder as instructed and put my test BG .png inside. I...
  2. damianfox

    Resolution and tile size

    So... I may have made a terrible mistake. I made a lot of environment art... like a LOT... but I made it 300dpi. My plan is to mainly parallax map so maybe I am ok... But I did just realize all the default images MV uses are 72dpi. Is this an issue? Do I just stay the course and keep using...
  3. damianfox

    Real time punch-out style combat interface

    I would like to commission a programmer to create the following battle interface: I have a big stack of details and specifications but this is the core idea. Timing and reaction based attacks. Message me if you think you can forge this.
  4. damianfox

    Timed Hits (Battle system of SuperMarioRPG)

    Curious if anyone has developed a mod for this kind of battle system. In case you aren't familiar with this game, the engine has a bonus damage modifier if the player hits the confirm button an addition time on a very specific animation frame. Assuming nobody HAS made a mod for this... how...
  5. damianfox

    SV battle sprite sizes

    I have not tested this out but can I double/triple the sizes of the battler sprites in side view mode? They are currently very tiny. Thanks!
  6. damianfox

    Backgrounds: Image Based instead of Tile Based

    Is there a way to set up MV so that I can use a large png/jpg/etc with collision and not use tiles? This is so I can hand illustrate BG maps and not use tiles. 
  7. damianfox

    Creating side-view combat interface

    Hello! I am brand spanking new to this so forgive my ignorance. The default combat mode is in 1st person DragonQuest/PhantasyStar mode, and I would like to implement a side view similar to FF. Is this particularly complicated to set up? I have several other questions regarding resolution and...

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