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  1. MasterofRevels

    Andrew's Music

    Hi everyone, I'm a composer and pianist. I write music for games (one of which is actually an RPG Maker Game) and for my YouTube channel. Here are a few pieces from my portfolio:
  2. MasterofRevels

    Lag between attack pose and damage in QABS

    Hi everyone, I'm using QABS along with QSprite to bring in custom 8 directional sprites. The issue I'm having is that there is a noticeable lag between when the damage should be (based on when the weapon hits) and when the damage actually is delivered. It becomes a bigger problem when there's...
  3. MasterofRevels

    Dark Cathedral Music

    Hey everyone! This is my (ongoing) playlist of "dark cathedral" music, inspired primarily by Dark Souls, but also Castlevania, Shadow of the Colossus, and Bach! Let me know what you think of it!
  4. MasterofRevels

    Creating Eight-Directional Attack Animations

    Hi everyone, I have already figured out how to get eight-directional movement sprites for idling and movement using a combination of plugins from Quxios and Yanfly. And I've managed to get an ABS working using QABS. What I'm struggling with now, is implementing eight-directional attack...
  5. MasterofRevels

    Adding new character sprites facing eight directions

    Hi everyone, So please bear with me since I've just recently gotten my hands on RMMV and I'm not much of a programmer. I'm attempting to bring in a custom character that faces in 8 directions and is in a more isometric style than the default assets (different size and everything). I have...

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