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  1. jasonzeno

    MV Chrono Engine Help

    Hello, I'm currently working on a project in MV using Mog's Chrono engine. I'm also using Yanflys Core Engine to make items stack no more than 10. I have enemies and smashable objects in the world dropping items, when items drop within the Chrono Engine you walk over them and can pick them up...
  2. jasonzeno

    RMMV MV Items Drop on Maps

    Hey guys, I'm using Mog Hunters Chrono Engine on MV and I'm interested in making items drop from enemies and objects. I want it to be random, so when the player destroys an enemy or an object, nothing may drop, gold may drop or an item may drop. I also don't want it to be automatically picked...
  3. jasonzeno

    RMVXA Moonfall - Complete Demo (6-10 hours of gameplay)

    WARNING: This demo is pretty big, and has about 6 to 10 hours worth of content. If you happen to make it to the end, please let me know! Click Here For Demo...

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