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  1. shadowllp

    Is it possible to store information about the unit/event which triggered an event?

    A unit walks onto a square -- say a trap. It triggers an event, which then stores the data about the unit somewhere. How would I do something like this? Does such a place to store data exist? Variables are good for determining the coordinates of events, but not for the events themselves... The...
  2. shadowllp

    How to add or subtract 1 from the player's X or Y axis depending on direction?

    How would I go about editing the variables accordingly? This is the part that's stumping me. Like, I have the coords of the player, but I then want to find out what the tile is in front of the player. I don't know what to add/subtract here from the coords, or how to create that number.
  3. shadowllp

    How to add or subtract 1 from the player's X or Y axis depending on direction?

    I'm attempting to create an ability usable outside of combat that applies to the tile in front of the player. So okay, I have this bit that runs whenever I activate the ability. It checks the player's location & direction, moves in an event, and then plays a particle effect on it. Currently...

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