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  1. Experiencing problems getting the "Quest" option to appear with YEP Quest Journal.

    First of all, I apologize if having three threads in one evening is considered poor form. I hope it's not considered spam. I'm just not very bright when it comes to the more technical, less visual side of RPG Maker MV. (To be fair, though, I did figure out my one related problem, so that was...
  2. "Cannot read property of bind undefined" Error when calling up game menu

    When I try to open up the menu when I'm in my game playing it, whether it's a new save file or an old one, I receive this error, seen in the topic title. I know how to replicate it, I just turn the GameusQuestEditor plugin off. The issue is that I want to move to Yanfly's Quest system (Edit...
  3. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I had a quick question on Yanfly's wonderful Quest Journal plugin. Do quests appear in the quest journal in the order you encounter and receive them, or in the order you list them manually in the plugin itself instead? I ask because if I decided late in my development to make a new quest early...
  4. Item reward issue with Gameus Quest plug-in

    With the Gameus Quest editor, it just gives you a drop down menu of what is in the Items Database of your project. That is to say that the numbers are what RPG Maker MV already generates for each item (e.g. 0001, 0002, and so forth), and that's what numbers and subsequent items for each number...
  5. Item reward issue with Gameus Quest plug-in

    Hey everyone. Having an issue with Gameus Quest recently after coming back to work on my game after a month break. When I select an item reward, the 50th in my item menu, after completing the quest, my game rewards the player with the first item on the list, number 0001, the Healing Vial...
  6. RMMV Legends of Adrigal - A game within a game

    SYNOPSIS FEATURES IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS BEGINNING PLOT OVERVIEW THE WORLD OF LEGENDS OF ADRIGAL I have over three hours of gameplay finished in my project so far. I hope to continue to work on my game more and more, like I have been for the past year or so (as my free time permits, of...
  7. Moghunter's Music Book - How do I manually add songs to the list?

    Hello. As the title implies, I'm using Moghunter's Music Book, as it looks really snazzy and offers a lot of customization. I managed to figure out how to get it working, but currently songs are only added to the list when players encounter songs themselves (i.e. they hear the songs in the game...
  8. Need help figuring out a stamp-collecting system and handing out rewards appropriately

    Hello, everyone. I'm making an adventuring side quest in my game in RPG Maker MV where the goal is to collect stamps from various locations, and then the player returns to an adventurer's club when they have enough stamps to earn a reward. I believe I am supposed to use variables and add +1 for...
  9. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    That makes much more sense. lol :) I appreciate you so much for looking at my project and for taking so much time out of your own evening last night and day today to help me anyway! I'll share with you my end result of this workaround. :)
  10. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    Sure thing. I've not sent my game to anyone in a while, so just PM me how to do so and I'll send it to you as quickly as I can to not make you wait too long.
  11. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    Right, in my screengrab it was action button trigger, but I meant when I had it running as a parallel process my post about it not working was still the problem I had. Sorry about the poor wording in my last reply!
  12. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    It's currently not working. I have it as trigger action parallel so the bubble appears, but it's just as static bubble with nothing inside, and when I'm facing up right next to the NPC and press the OK button, nothing happens. It was trigger action requiring a button press, but then the bubble...
  13. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    No, I meant the space below the NPC was those coordinates. Also, for different directions like on the right and left, would I need conditional branches for each direction? And if so, I'd just copy the same commands I have in the up direction conditional branch?
  14. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    It does in MV just like VXA. So instead of your 5 and 10, my current is x = 170 and y = 54, so Player X = 170 and Player Y = 54 then or am I still off here? Thanks for your patience, btw!
  15. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    That's what was confusing to me. But since you can also speak to this NPC from the left and right as well, what do I need to do?
  16. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    Oh! I didn't even see that option. It's really cool to uncover new things with the help of other more knowledgeable folks like yourself! Well, here's what I have thus far:
  17. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    I am completely confused now, and I'm very sorry for that. I'm confused about the variables, whether Player X or Player's Map X is the variable name, and what to put in the X and Y things. :X
  18. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    Oh, you're fine. I think at 1 am you're allowed to make just ONE mistake! :p I'll try this out and let you know how it works out! Thanks! EDIT: For " Control Variables: Player X == Player's Map X Control Variables: Player Y == Player's Map Y" Do I name four variables: Player X, Player's Map...
  19. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    It does a little, thank you! Just some more questions. I hope I'm not being obnoxious, but it's your fault for wanting to help! (Just kidding with the "but" part, of course! It's hard to joke in text form sometimes!) Where would the command for the perpetual text bubble go on the list so it...
  20. How do I always show a text bubble during field gameplay?

    Hi, HexMozart88. I appreciate the reply! :) This seems rather complex for my level right now. I'm not understanding a few things, but I'll try not to seem too ignorant here. So, if the NPC is standing in a spot with an exclamation point over his, her, or its head that is constantly shown as the...

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