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  1. Kartoff

    Steam RPG MAKER MV

    I believe the license information is contained in the RMMV's Steam folder. It's in a file called "index.html" (in the "Help" folder) that links to an html containing important information such as the End User License Agreement.
  2. Kartoff

    Steam RPG MAKER MV

    I'm pretty sure the license remains the same as long as you've gotten RMMV legally and from an official source.
  3. Kartoff

    RMMV Deal DMG back from last 3 turns?

    You're welcome! Glad I helped in one way or the other!
  4. Kartoff

    RMMV Deal DMG back from last 3 turns?

    All right, please bear with me as my solution involves utilizing four parts of the database: skills, states, common events, and troop events. It will center around Yanfly's "Bide" tips and tricks code, with a modification I made to ensure that there is a 3-turn damage cap. My solution is...
  5. Kartoff

    RMMV Deal DMG back from last 3 turns?

    I remember seeing a Yanfly tips and tricks video on something similar to this (works like the move "Bide" in Pokemon). Check this out, I'm sure it could be adapted to your situation!
  6. Kartoff

    Buy on Steam RPG MV or MZ

    I think an advantage MV has over MZ is the number of plugins MV already has, including Yanfly's plugins (though MZ plugins e.g., VisuStella have been ramping up in production as well, I heard). I haven't really made the switch to MZ, so I can't provide any more input than that. As for running...
  7. Kartoff

    [SOLVED] Status Effects and Parameters

    Hi! I've been thinking of a way to provide more customizability in my game in terms of how different parameters (like MDEF and DEF) affect how resistant a battler is to various status effects. I know a little bit about how LUK slightly affects this, but how do I make it so that other parameters...

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