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  1. Iavasechui

    TAA_EnemyLevels (v1.0.0)

    Is there anyway you could give us the ability to assign a class to the enemies so that they are scaled by their level and the class growths?
  2. Iavasechui

    Maliki's Confusion Control ver 1.2

    So far I think my favorite confusion effect is from dragon quest 5 where it will tell you what the confused person is doing. For example they can tear off their armor (they actually unequip it and lose def) or try to hug enemies or party members during combat or forget the words to the spell...
  3. Iavasechui

    POG_SinergyParty: Assigns status according to the composition of the group.

    Is it possible to have this happen later in the game so that say two characters fall in love ala fire emblem 4 they gain a lovers bonus that they only have if they are lovers. So character 1 can through variables and events fall in love with character 2 or character 3 but not both at the same...
  4. Iavasechui

    MultiTweaks: general, map, zoom, battle, enemies, audio, options, efficiency, etc.

    Umm is it possible to get this with only the battle options? Main thing I'm interested in is the enemies using actor classes...
  5. Iavasechui

    Wayward's MZ Resources (Latest 201015: Trapdoors)

    Nice pity none of them match the wall I used for my secret passageway but I am gonna use these for others if needed ^_^
  6. Iavasechui

    Is there a way to toggle timer visibility?

    I want to time the player on input to avoid or preempt random encounters and I have that all working except I want the timer hidden during this process. I have been searching for a way to do it but none of the ways I have found have been for MZ. Also a way to separate menu from cancel would be...
  7. Iavasechui

    Attempting to make an encounter system similar to wild arms 3 (Please let me know if this is in the wrong forum)

    Almost have it working now... did a loop to check for the button presses, also switching from is pressed to triggered Edit: Got it!! I added Eli Timer and now it looks like this and works pretty much how I want it. XD just wish I could actually hide the timer itself...
  8. Iavasechui

    Attempting to make an encounter system similar to wild arms 3 (Please let me know if this is in the wrong forum)

    Well I wanted it more like a reaction click where you see the icon then press to fight or escape but I might have to use show text instead since I'm not sure what to do at this point... (also is there a way to hide the timer?) Edit: I have to go to work soon, so might not be able to reply back...
  9. Iavasechui

    Attempting to make an encounter system similar to wild arms 3 (Please let me know if this is in the wrong forum)

    Oh right sorry ^_^; So in Wild Arms 3 when you are about to get into combat an exclamation point appears above your head, if you hit confirm you should get a preemptive attack on the encounter, if you hit cancel (can we seperate that from the menu, I set it to shift for now since cancel just...
  10. Iavasechui

    Just some minor edits thought I'd share

    Used the stars from rtp icons to create a meter with pictures. Feel free to recolor for better visibility.
  11. Iavasechui

    Attempting to make an encounter system similar to wild arms 3 (Please let me know if this is in the wrong forum)

    It was almost working before but now I am getting frustrated so thought I'd ask for help -_-; I am using visustella plugins in my project to call a common event when walking in a specific region.
  12. Iavasechui

    PixelMisters RTP Extensions MZ

    Awesome! Thank you so much!!
  13. Iavasechui

    Make the RTP caves and carpets match things and fit stuff on tables!!!

    Thank you! I normally adjust stuff for personal use when needed but this will be amazing to just straight up replace the inside C wholesale instead.
  14. Iavasechui

    PixelMisters RTP Extensions MZ

    Really?! Awesome ^_^
  15. Iavasechui

    PixelMisters RTP Extensions MZ

    Not sure which option on the poll works with what I want to do with my game kinda want an underwater city for merfolk...
  16. Iavasechui

    NaosoX RPG Maker Resources

    XD OMG I was just testing out the new colors on the default generator character and accidentally made Roy XD Its not exact obviously but it just caught me off guard XD
  17. Iavasechui

    Just some minor edits thought I'd share

    Tried to put water in the well and some flower recolors also the base flower flipped to match the flipped recolors
  18. Iavasechui

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    Happy birthday ^__^
  19. Iavasechui

    NaosoX RPG Maker Resources

    I already have some custom hair added where do your new gradients start?

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