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  1. Zreine

    How to deal with a lot of branching

    So things are going really smoothly with my game so far and I'm really hyped about it, but it includes a lot of branching and I'm getting a headache just to think about it. :dizzy: I mean, the choices the player makes affect the story, but also the dialogues the main character have with his...
  2. Zreine

    My random art

    So I was working on my characters design and decided to take a break...and said to myself why not make a post to share random art. Related to my game or is a few:
  3. Zreine

    RMMV Need feedback on creatures

    So I had no idea where to post this so I don't know if it's the right place. My game will include summoning of creatures called Shadow Beasts. That's the name people call them in the game, but in reality nobody knows what they really are or where they come from. They started appearing out of...
  4. Zreine

    RMMV Include a Troll item?

    So I'm working on my game, but sometimes I get a random idea. When that happen, I take note of it and see later if it fits into my game or not. So here is the one I got: An unique item called "Mysterious fruit" with the description :"Don't eat it!". I plan having this item very well hidden, so...
  5. Zreine

    Event with timer problem

    Hi ! I have a little timer problem. Note that it's my first game, so sorry if my problem sound stupid :P So I have this side quest in my game where the main character must explore a cave to find a kid before something happen to him. When you enter the cave, the timer starts and you have 40...

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