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  1. Matt Mats

    How to autosave?

    Hi there O/ I've got a little question again^^ Which scriptcall can I use to save the game in a specific data automatically? For example, the players walks a path, passes a certain event and this event saves the game in the background, the moment when the player stepped on it, and the...
  2. Matt Mats

    Events stop when Textmessage shows up

    Hi, I wonder if I can change something in the skript editor, which provides events from stopping when a message appears. Is this possible? Thanks for your time, MM
  3. Matt Mats

    Grain - A game which needs YOUR help

    Hi, I'm currently creating Grain, a game about a fled prisoner from the Schwarzminen. My team is nearly complete, one of the last I need are 1 or 2 more artists, because it would be too much work when my current artist would do it all alone. But first I'll give you a little introduction...
  4. Matt Mats

    Hello World (A late introduction)

    Hi there, I'm very sorry I haven't introduced myself earlier. I am Matt, hello and my hobbies are game design, reading books/comics, thinking about silly stuff, drinking tea and speaking German, that's my native language, and the reason why you might not understand my gibberish sometimes^^...
  5. Matt Mats

    Picture as Battler

    Hey there, this is my first post in this forum, I beg you to excuse my bad english >< However, my problem is that I want to show the Player and his party ot the right side of the battle screen as pictures, and the enemy on the left, so they look at each other. I hope you can understand me, I...

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