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  1. Riazey

    RMMV Compatibility between Galv Spawner & QMovement

    This might be a long shot because I'm sure I've seen it asked about before but TvT Qmove is just king for colliders and yanfly spawner doesn't work for my project. It seems that when qmovement is installed events spawned using Galv's spawner are completely uninteractable via event touch or...
  2. Riazey

    RMMV [SOLVED] Moving/Editing the message window~

    I am using a transparent message window (since I am using custom pictures as a backdrop for the messages~) but I need the message window to be moved up a bit. I am not using yanfly plugins in my project so I can't use his message core (which is what the answer seems to be I could find)~ I am...
  3. Riazey

    RMMV [Fixed] Console not working when SRD Tools Engine is active.

    Like the title says while SRD's Tools Engine is ON the console does not receive or spit out any new inputs. I can't really close the editor either because it automatically closes the console, and pressing f12 opens both the blank console and the editor. Edit: Yeah after so long I forgot you...
  4. Riazey


    Edit: Going to send this over to classifieds as it didn't get an initial response <3 :kaopride:
  5. Riazey

    ._. How to access a function once in IFFE

    Okay so, everyone everywhere says that you should work on plugins in an IFFE to prevent a lot of stuff like pollution/namespaces etc. And that it's good practice to do so when working in rpg maker etc etc. But I don't understand how to access/run functions or the plugin in general at ALL once...
  6. Riazey

    Storing text inputs? (Naming a lot of animals)

    Hmm so I kind of have a taming type game, but we all know when you tame something you want to be able to name it! How could you not want to name a cute, sketched face like this? SO, If there was a way to assign "names" to events or have the game remember/call on a previous player input...
  7. Riazey

    [MV] Show Indicator in front of Player for Tools / Farming

    MAIN TOPIC: Hellooo all, first of all I hope your day is going wonderful~~ Now onto the request, I want to have an "indicator" show up on the tile before the player to show where the player's tool will hit. I would like the image to be a picture because that will not interfere with spawning an...
  8. Riazey

    [MV] Help Optimizing seed eventing/nesting

    Okay so basically, using yanfly's spawn/morph plugins and galv's tools, with some help from Imaginaryvillain and ct_bolt I've made a working crop system, but the most eventing intensive part comes with planting seeds. I am not sure if the current way I plan to tackle this is the most efficient...
  9. Riazey

    Finding item IDs (Galv's Tools)

    Hi there! So I am using Galv's Tools script, as it seems there is an incompatibility between some other scripts I was planning on using, and there may not be a simple solution to that, I am hopefully going to create my own crops system using Galv's Tools but the snag I am hitting while making...
  10. Riazey

    [RMMV] Incompatibility between Yanfly Spawn & GalvTools

    UPDATE 2: Oaky! After a second round of testing we have determined the cause is that when using Yanfly's Spawn/Morph/Copy plugins the notetags do not transfer correctly, or somehow make the notetag unreadable? This is replicateable by spawning or morphing in an event with the notetag <rock:1>...
  11. Riazey

    [SOLVED] Detecting Region Tiles for Conditional/Common Events?

    TE QUESTION Hmmm... is it possible to check if the tile in front of the player is in a specific region? I want to basically make a check for if the tile in front of the actor is a specific region when using conditions with script or plugin calls for a conditional branch. Or more specifically I...
  12. Riazey

    Slower Stepping Speed for Events

    I tried looking around but I couldn't really find a solution for this, I want to make a single specific event do it's "stepping" slower (it is set at the slowest settings in the Autonomous Movement section already) because the animation is way too fast aa- So if I could be able to adjust the...
  13. Riazey

    Animated Parallax with Swapping Options?

    I want to use different parallax's and be able to swap them out within an event, for example having several wall and flooring parallaxes and then changing which one is in use depending on which option they select in an event. Ideally, I would also like to have these be animated as an option! So...
  14. Riazey

    ATLIS: A Rift in Time [Casual/Fantasy]

    Okay! So this is basically my way of putting down all my ideas and whatnot into one place! I can't seem to find my tablet pen right now basically halting putting the characters into Sai but that leaves room to work on other things right? First of all I'm looking for a partner/helper or two who...

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