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  1. Capitán

    Alternative Term for "Critical Evasion"?

    Critical Block
  2. Capitán

    Error Your browser does not allow to read local files.

    While @Aesica 's concern is well-founded, if you're only attempting to test your project then it should be no big concern. By the looks of things you're using google chrome, I recommend copying your browser shortcut on your desktop and adding some security flags into the location path, Once...
  3. Capitán

    Read text files for gameMessage on RMMZ

    Well NWjs has complete support for the node apis, so you can use the fs module to read a local file, and store in an in-game variable and call that in the message, but if you want to do it for all the messages you'd need a better system. You'd need to be able read the file and separate the...
  4. Capitán

    Not entirely sure that's a good thing, hopefully there is adequate security measures to prevent...

    Not entirely sure that's a good thing, hopefully there is adequate security measures to prevent malicious activity.
  5. Capitán

    RMMV Astrid & The Witch

    This is amazing, your art is beautiful, It reminds me of steven universe/over the garden wall. I honestly can't believe I'm the first reply. I hope you're promoting this game as much as possible, this game deserves to be played and enjoyed by many. I haven't had much time to play as it's pretty...
  6. Capitán

    Save Data Corruption

    Sorry for the double post but I just wanted to say that I lied and a combination of @Andar 's second diagnosis and @Hyouryuu-Na 's insight was actually the problem, so a simple console log of the saveData variable showed me that the save data was actually being saved as a Buffer object as...
  7. Capitán

    Save Data Corruption

    It seems @Andar 's first diagnosis was correct, these save files are extremely volatile and the slightest change within the scripts causes corruption. I couldn't start the game because there is no new game option on my title screen only loading that one save file and the only way to get past...
  8. Capitán

    Save Data Corruption

    For testing purposes I am writing the file using the node module fs like so fs.writeFileSync('./save/file1.rpgsave', saveData)
  9. Capitán

    Save Data Corruption

    Before I get into this I would like to preface by saying this is not a save editing question I am working on a system for my game and it needs a bit of save data manipulation, When I open a .rpgsave file it is filled with letters that mean nothing to me, when I copy the contents of that file...
  10. Capitán

    A tool or plugin that displays event names in editor

    I don't think there is anything like that yet for MV, but I do believe that feature (or a similar feature) exists natively in RMMZ.
  11. Capitán

    RMMV .isWTypeEquipped & .equips()[]

    The first slot would be 0, and if you only want to check the first slot then you can do something like var e = $[0] if (e.isWtypeEquipped(ID OF WEAPON TYPE)) { // do whatever }
  12. Capitán

    Potion Healing Every X Steps?

    @Frostorm You can set an ingame variable that tracks the steps and then use that variable to create a simple algorithm like so, // create a variable outisde of the regenerate effect that will be the initial steps, this variable should only be defined once when the item is used...
  13. Capitán

    RMMV .isWTypeEquipped & .equips()[]

    Could you use a little more elaboration but I think this is what you want ${ if(e.isWtypeEquipped(ID OF WEAPON TYPE)){ // do whatever } }) and for your other question $, item)...
  14. Capitán

    RMMZ Syntax help for returning/checking party members class

    @Point08 where exactly are you using the common event?
  15. Capitán

    RMMZ Syntax help for returning/checking party members class

    Ooops! yes, I was typing on my phone hard to write good code on those things, glad you got it sorted out
  16. Capitán

    Damage formula that returns healing? I need help.

    place your dmg value into a variable, then call it at the end of your skill. You also didn't specify a target to gain hp dmg = (a.atk + a.mat) - b.mdf; a.gainHp(dmg / 9); dmg; you also may want to round the healing value to fix some ugly number displays
  17. Capitán

    RMMZ Syntax help for returning/checking party members class

    actor.currentClass() is a function that returns the class obj try $gameParty.members().forEach(function(actor){ if(actor.currentClass().id == ID_OF_CLASS){ = 0 } } I'm not entirely sure if you can set to 0 the way done above, can't really test it right now, but if you...
  18. Capitán

    RMMV Yanfly Item Core Instanced Weapons Break Item Type Detection

    @ramza @Andar Wow that plugin order seemed to be the problem, I had not even thought of that as I usually don't have problems with my self-written plugins compatibility with Yanfly, thanks a ton.
  19. Capitán

    RMMV Yanfly Item Core Instanced Weapons Break Item Type Detection

    Yanfly Item Core Instanced Weapons Break Item Type Detection, When using Yanfly Item Core's feature to give weapons, armor and item a limit and making them independent, the DataManager.isItem(); DataManager.isWeapon(); DataManager.isArmor(); functions no longer work properly. When either of...
  20. Capitán

    Spooktober Spooktacular Game Jam Review Submission Thread

    The Eyes of Doom Zwillinge The Last Unhaunted House

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