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  1. TheBrogrammer

    Battle with one actor at a time.

    Hello!  I'd like to request a (hopefully) simple script. It handles how actors are used in battle.  I'd like a script that makes the actors battle the enemy one-on-one.  Imagine if the heroes in an RPG battled in a line.  The first hero to battle the enemy would be the first in line.  No one...
  2. TheBrogrammer

    The Silent Protagonist.

    Hey everyone.  What are all of your thoughts on silent protagonists? Are they a way to immerse the player into the game, or is it just a cop out on the writer's part?  (Both?) Do they deserve to stay in RPGs and other games, or should they just go extinct? What situations call for a silent...
  3. TheBrogrammer

    The Brogrammer's Rockin' Riffs!

    Hello everyone!  I'm a bit new at game composition, but I've been practicing music for over 8 years.  I thought it was about time that I started giving back to the community.  Here is my new Soundcloud page for my video game pieces!  Recently I composed a pack for the community DLC package full...
  4. TheBrogrammer

    It's a Long Way to Heaven.

      Author's Notes:   Download (Needs RTP)     Let's Play/Walkthrough Series   Episode One   Episode Two   Episode Three   Episode Four (Finale)
  5. TheBrogrammer

    Getting rid of a phrase in the battle log

    Hello, I'm wondering how to get rid of this message from the default VXACE battle system: "There was no effect on X!" (X being the name of the actor.) I get this message whenever I use a certain skill.  This skill is controlled by common events, and not by anything else in the battle tab of...
  6. TheBrogrammer

    Pixeled Font Script (No Anti-Aliasing)

    Hello. Here is my script request for today. I want a script that cancels out the default anti-aliasing on fonts. If you don't know what I mean, let me show you: Would you rather have this: Or: Why do I want a script that can do this? To make games look retro! Retro is cool! I would also...
  7. TheBrogrammer

    Candy Store Tile Add-ons

    Hello all! My request is some small edits to make the VX Tileset look more like a candy store. I'll need: Barrels full of candy. Jars full of gumballs or jawbreakers. Lollipops. Recolored pink or purple walls. Feel free to add anything creative. Thanks! ;)
  8. TheBrogrammer

    Pig with a hat

    Does anybody want to make me a bipedal pig sprite (Vx Ace style) with a blue hat? The hat should be a derby, like so: But it should be light blue. This may be a challenge as there are no pigs in RMVX Ace. (Especially bipedal ones!) This will be interesting to see... Make sure it has some...
  9. TheBrogrammer

    IF. [Demo now Available!]

    Culture and Religion: (This is huge, so I put it in a spoiler. And it really is a spoiler.) Story: The story is not complete yet, so bear with me. In the beginning of the game, a man is seen talking about his "treatment" that everyone comes to him for. Soon, another person (you) walks in. He...
  10. TheBrogrammer

    Salutations from TheBrogrammer!

    Greetings fellow RPG Makers! I am TheBrogrammer, a new member of the RPG Maker Community! It's a pleasure being here and meeting all of you! My game should be posted soon in the Completed Games section, and I hope you all can give me good feedback. If you're looking for a game that is not...
  11. TheBrogrammer

    Tales of Einalis

    Tales of Einalis About Tales of Einalis Hello all! Tales of Einalis is an old school RPG made with RPG Maker VX Ace. This is my first ever RPG, and I hope you all will enjoy this. This game doesn't have many scripts, but it was designed to be simple. You could probably beat it on a...

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