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  1. Help with Creating Conditional Branches Events

    I'm still learning the basics of RPG Maker MV; I have not yet begun using RPG Maker MV yet, for my actual role playing game project. I want to create a chain of events as follows. 1. Actors defeat a boss. 2. Actors revisit a previous town, and speak with one of NPCs there. 3. The NPC gives...
  2. Battle Test Problem

    I am still learning the basics in using RPG Maker MV and right now, I'm learning how to create battles. I created a boss for the party to battle, but when I try battle testing, for some reason, the boss's physical attacks deals damage to the party, as it should, but the boss's ice spell hits...
  3. Basic Event Help

    I am a newbie and I'm still playing around with my RPG Maker MV, to learn basic features, resources, and techniques before I even begin working on a real project that I have in mind. I created a two-page event, where I talk to an NPC who gives me two choices. I created a custom route for the...
  4. Stairs Request

    For RPG Maker MV, I would like to make a request. In the thumbnail screenshot I'm providing, I would like the eight stairs I have circled, to have north-facing ones, and south-facing ones. If anyone can help me find what I am looking for, I would appreciate it. I have tried googling and using...

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