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  1. Starbird_Resources

    RMMZ Bare Bones MZ Plugin Template

    NOTE: This is NOT a tutorial for making MZ plugins. I've looked for an absolute bare bones plugin template for MZ and have not been able to find one, so here's my attempt. To keep things as simple as possible, this template does not include arguments...
  2. Starbird_Resources

    Starbird's MZ Tiles + More

    Starbird's MZ Edits ◦ ◦ ◦ The following tiles are RMMZ RTP edits. You must own MZ to use these tiles in your project. Please credit Starbird. Do not redistribute or repost these tiles. Link back to this page instead. MZ TILESETS CHARACTERS (mostly doors) OTHER GAME ASSETS
  3. Starbird_Resources

    MVQuizzer - Educational Game Engine

    MVQuizzer v0.4 by Starbird Free for non-commercial use. This system helps game developers create educational games or in-game quizzes very quickly. Note: This plugin is NOT plug-and-play. Detailed instructions for the simple setup steps are included. Short Online Demo here THE BASICS: What...
  4. Starbird_Resources

    Starbird's MV Tiles

    The following tiles are designed and formatted for use in RPG Maker, but they are not RTP edits, and therefore they may be used in any engine. TERMS OF USE: You may use these tiles in any non-commercial project. Credit Starbird. You may edit these tiles for use in your non-commercial project. DO...
  5. Starbird_Resources

    Using the Game Timer in other scenes

    I've been struggling to display the Game Timer in scenes other than Battle and Map. I understand that the Game Timer only works in the active scene and only one scene can be active at a time. I don't want a persistent timer that stays active across scenes, but only one that starts when you enter...
  6. Starbird_Resources

    MVQuizzer - Multiple Choice, Short Answer, True/False Engine

    *NOT FOR RELEASE IN ANY GAME OR PROJECT UNLESS EXPLICIT PERMISSION IS GRANTED* I've wrapped up an alpha for my MVQuizzer system. Essentially it's an engine that makes it easy to create Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and True/False questions. Questions (which can have audio and image components...
  7. Starbird_Resources

    TRADE Idealia: 1919 -Now Recruiting-

    *Theme Warning* Possible inclusion of religion in context of general information about world religions PROJECT Idealia: 1919 ENGINE RPG Maker MV SYNOPSIS Idealia: 1919 is an exploration and collection game with puzzle solving and real-life skill development components. The goal is to...
  8. Starbird_Resources

    Starbird General Resources

    RTP EDITS HERE NON-RTP MV TILES HERE If you see a broken image icon, just right click and select Load Image and it should appear properly. I'll use this thread to post general game-making resources. Almost everything in here is designed for use in RPG Maker MV, but these are not RTP edits...
  9. Starbird_Resources

    Developer Tools Not Opening

    I'm working on a plugin and need to open Developer Tools after launching a Play Test. 1. Developer Tools do not open for F8. 2. Developer Tools do not open when toggled on with a plugin. I tried two plugins, Yanfly Core and MrTs OpenConsoleOnBoot standalone plugin. Neither works. 3. I'm using...
  10. Starbird_Resources

    Starbird RTP Edits

    The following tilesets are RTP edits with occasional original artwork. They are free for use in any project, provided that you own RPG Maker MV and follow all relevant licensing restrictions. Do not redistribute. Link back to this page instead. Please credit Starbird!

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