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  1. rooge

    Simple Dash Motion by Trb (Torobo)

    Simple Dash Motion by Trb (aka Torobo) Translated from Japanese by rooge (1strooge) Version: 1.2 L.U.: 8/22/2020 Introduction: This plugin improves the running effect by tilting the character slightly and with moving up and down. It is suitable as an enhancement for default character sheets...
  2. rooge

    Rooge Cursor blinking

    Rooge Cursor blinking by Rooge Version: 1.0 L.U.: 8/21/2020 Purpose: This plugin only removes the blinking cursor on all menus. It's for those who don't like this element as much as I do. How to Use: It's only plug & play - nothing else. Place it in the plugin folder and enable it in the...

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Been scratching away at my game and making progress, but just had a revelation. I'm working in full screen and adjusting all my pictures accordingly, but will they resize if someone's screen is smaller?? I hope this doesn't turn out to be a problem later.
Why is there so much month left at the end of money? D=
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