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  1. omen613

    The Bestiary (Entry #52: Battery Charger)

    It can be tough to come up with enemies for your RPG maker game. Lets all share our enemy creations to help inspire the community to create unique enemy types that do more than do basic attack to the player party. *Lets assume all created enemies are for turn based battle systems like the...
  2. omen613

    Yanfly Absorption Barrier in Battle actions

    I'm using Yanfly's battle extensions 1 2 3 and yanfly's absorption barrier and during the whole action I have the user take damage using the "HP -variable 38: user, show"  and that works just fine, problem is this damage doesn't reduce any barrier points from the absorption barrier script...
  3. omen613

    CounterSpell using Yanfly Action Sequences or Yanfly Buff and States

    Goal: Player puts a counter spell state on all enemies One Enemy goes to use a spell but instead they get stunned instead common event plays and removes the counter spell state from all enemies Was hoping just adding a state check to a setup action in each magic would do the trick...
  4. omen613

    Is there such thing as too many enemy types?

    I'm a fan of enemies being unique from one another and not just copy and pasted with different skins. But as I design 30 unique enemies (non-boss) I start to wonder if people will have a hard time remembering what each enemy does and how to defend/defeat it. Most games tend to have...
  5. omen613

    Chain Battles or Battle Waves

    Hello there! Was looking for a JSPlugin that would chain multiple battles together. example: chaining 3 battles together battle Troop1 starts all enemies defeated. battle Troop2 starts immediately, skipping the victory scene of battle 1 all enemies defeated battle Troop3...
  6. omen613

    Mac Version - RPG Maker MV Character Generator

    Im using the Mac version of RPG Maker MV I downloaded from Steam and the Character Generator works fine when I use it. The problem is I can't find the folder it's pulling the images from so I can add to the editor. I've tried   ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/RPG Maker...
  7. omen613

    Enemy States all show up at once, no alternating icons

    Would like to have enemy states not alternate icons but have them line up next each other above the enemy like in the pic shown above I made in photoshop. This makes it easier to see what states the enemy is inflicted with at a glance with a more States dependent battle Mechanics like mine...
  8. omen613

    Boost Stats by number not %

    By default to increase a stat (Atk, Matk, Def, Mdf, Agi, Luk) in battle you have to increase it by a % of the original value.  My game uses small numbers and raising attack by 1 or 2 is a good increase. So i'm looking for a way to boost or decrease stats by a number value not % using states...
  9. omen613

    Counter Attack modifications

    Hello I have two requests for community The default method for counter attacking Enemy attacks > Defender takes no damage > Defender attacks Enemy My requests are #1 Retaliation  Enemy attacks > Defender is hit > Defender attacks Enemy #2 First Strike Enemy attacks > Defender attacks...
  10. omen613

    Switching between Active Actors in Battle

    I'm hoping this is something simple.... but in the default battle system when you give your characters commands it starts with the character at the top of the list and works its way down to the bottom of the list. is there a way to toggle through the list in a different order? like 2431...
  11. omen613

    Yep Battle AI target highest TP

    Hello all. I'm working on converting my Ace game to MV and require a plugin to make enemies target the actor with the highest TP. Yanfly has an amazing AI plugin that does 99% of the work for it will target actors for pretty much any parameter except TP. I'm no scripter, but perhaps the...
  12. omen613

    undefined method 'dispose' for nil:NilClass

    Hello Ruby geniuses....I grovel before your greatness in awe I'm trying to make Yami's Order Gauge Script work (in a new project to isolate the script) and keep getting this error when a battle ends. line 624: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'dispose' for nil:NilClass link to the...
  13. omen613

    Only one member can you items in battle?

    For the sake of discussion. What your thoughts on only having 1 playable character having the ability to use items in battle? Lets assume consumables are abundant in the game. Could this build more strategic choices in battle? Or just cause frustration not having the item command crutch we...
  14. omen613

    Force Actioned Skill On Death While Under State X

    Hello I'd like to request a way for a state to trigger an action on death. example: Player casts poison on enemy 1. Player kills enemy 1 (enemy 1 was still poisoned) Skill X targets a random foe. I have a character I'd like to have a poison skill and if the foe dies while poisoned the...
  15. omen613

    Display Luck Stat Number for each character in battle. Display Text Request

    using the default battle system I need to be able to see each character's Luck stat in battle preferably just over their portraits. This stat will change on every action used in battle so it needs to be refreshed on a regular bases as I'm using it as a type of threat system where foes go after...
  16. omen613

    Tank Threat Management

    Hello all, To spark up a convo I would like to hear your opinions on threat management for Tank characters (characters that take damage for the team and protect squishy characters.) Should threat be very easy to accumulate for tank characters? like one skill gives you 1000% TRG for the battle...
  17. omen613

    Robots and Healing Magic

    Howdy all In my current project I have a Robot like character that acts as the group's Tank (the character that takes the most damage from enemy attacks.) And the group's primary healer uses Blood Magic to heal the team. Seeing how robots don't have blood... I just wanted to see the...
  18. omen613

    Limited Wallet Size

    What do you guys think about a game having a max gold system relative to the Legend of Zelda series. You can hold say 99 gold and anything more is lost until you spend some gold. You could later upgrade your wallet to carry more gold with maybe a max of 500 gold. Thinking of adding this to my...
  19. omen613

    MMORPG Theory Crafting levels with no stat gains. (just for fun)

    I'm a nerd and like to theory craft game mechanics for fun So me and a friend were talking about World of Warcraft (I'm sure you've heard of it) the other day and talked about how a large number of the player base has a max level character and they usually can all be found in one zone out of...
  20. omen613

    Stack multiple uses of counter attack

    Heres the idea. Fighter has a passive skill of counter attack 100% when attacked by a foe. Fighter learns a skill called "Tactical Counter" which makes him take 50% less damage this turn and counter attack for 2x damage" ---------------in battle--------------- Fighter uses Tactical counter...

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