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  1. Natelus Densier

    Hello and greetings and such!

    Hello! I am Natelus_Densier, and I intend to develop a game using RPG Maker MV, when i pick it up this upcoming thursday. I was often on an rpg maker vx forum back before vx ace had come out, and i used to be rather well versed in it, though i'm admittedly rusty. I'm okay when it comes to...
  2. Natelus Densier


    Hi, I'm Natelus_Densier, Nat for short, i draw things, know a bit about music, best described as a jack of all trades. I have a cat, he's almost two and his name is Benji. My favorite pokemon is Trubbish. I'm not very good at finishing things, so don't expect much from me, but other...

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So I'm practicing ITC with a spirit box, and decide to try to contact my deceased soulmate. It actually gave me multiple identifiers. Me, still a bit skeptical, asked aloud "Fine but does he still love me?" and the box spoke and printed the word "Forever" at the same time. Been a mess of tears since. :kaocry:
Been scratching away at my game and making progress, but just had a revelation. I'm working in full screen and adjusting all my pictures accordingly, but will they resize if someone's screen is smaller?? I hope this doesn't turn out to be a problem later.
Why is there so much month left at the end of money? D=
Hello humans! How goes your day in this journey of living? I hope it is good, for I am human like you, and I am feeling great! Worship the altar.

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