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  1. Atlas Rose

    How do I get the default font?

    I trying to release a version of my game without RTP for the first time using this tutorial, but I can't figure out how to get the default font. I know I have to make a folder, but where do I find the file for the font so I can put it in that folder? Is it hiding in the resource manager or do I...
  2. Atlas Rose

    Using Userbars?

    I'm probably posting this in the wrong place but I wasn't sure where. I see a lot of people on here that have userbars or stamps in their signatures that, when you click the image, it follows a link. How do you do that? I know how to turn text into a hyperlink, and I know how to put an image...
  3. Atlas Rose

    RATical (Updated V1.1)

      When your little sibling doesn't realize your pets shouldn't be let outside, you need to go find them.   Story: Merc and their little sibling Benny live in a small house with a lot of land and lots of pet rats. One day, while Merc is asleep, Benny lets the rats outside. Now...
  4. Atlas Rose

    Version numbers

    Not sure if this is worthy of a discussion or just a simple question, but how do version numbers even work? Like, Project A v1.5? I had a school friend playtest a project of mine and he mentioned the numbers I use are weird. Is there just an unspoken rule on how/when to change the numbers, or is...
  5. Atlas Rose

    Show pictures while credits roll

    In my game, you rescue pet rats from the wilderness. I'm trying to have pictures of the rats fade in and out while the credits roll at the end.  The credits are just scrolling text set as a parallel process, so why won't the picture show up? 
  6. Atlas Rose

    Keeping file size down?

    I notice a lot of people will complain if a file size is too big because it will take a long time to download. How big is considered big? Also, how do you keep the size down? I know the more maps and such (especially parallax) the bigger it will be, but that's about all I know.
  7. Atlas Rose

    Making a bridge to cross the river

    So I'm trying to make the player be able to pick up logs and take them over to the stream to build a bridge. I've got it so it checks to make sure you have logs in your inventory and all, but when it places the bridge, the player can't cross it. I've tried several different settings but this is...
  8. Atlas Rose

    Pet Cage Sprite

    So I'm in need of a sprite for a small pet cage. I'll be using it for rats, but the cage is about the same for other small mammals. It is just going to sit in a character's room for them to interact with. It's for VX Ace.  Thank you and have a good day!
  9. Atlas Rose

    [OPEN] Atlas's Music Shop

    Heyo everybody! Atlas here to share some commercial free music with anyone who wants to use it.  Here are some examples: Dungeon: Realization Battle: Needs of the Many Inspiring: Moonlight Shrine Down on Me Peaceful: Worm Knowledge You can check out all my other music on my soundcloud...
  10. Atlas Rose

    Screen effect things?

    I don't actually know what they're called so I'm sure there's a million of them, but those screen effects where it makes things look like night-time and such? What are those called and where can I find them?
  11. Atlas Rose

    Character Relations

    So, I'm sure we've all played games that made us wish we could spend more time with characters before they were swiftly set on the back burner for the story to move on. I have to wonder though, what is it that makes us want to see more of a character? Is it the mystery? Are they extremely...
  12. Atlas Rose

    Storyboarded cutscenes? Yay or nay?

    So my latest project (as of yet untitled but the working name is Hunters) is going to be very story driven. I personally don't mind reading a block of text if I'm already engaged in what its telling me, but I know not everyone is. On the other end of the spectrum, there is only so much you can...
  13. Atlas Rose

    Witch Hunter Sprites

    So in my project there's a group of people called Hunters, and they're people who track down and capture witches. It's modern day so and these witches have a variety of powers so they need to be prepared for anything. I sketched up a concept, but would anyone be willing to make a walking sprite...
  14. Atlas Rose

    Victorian Castle tileset?

    So in my game, the protagonist finds himself in a Victorian style castle. Does anyone know of a nice tileset that would fit? Preferable gothic architecture because I'm a sucker for that.  Here are some examples for those who don't know
  15. Atlas Rose

    Transgender/nonbinary Protagonists?

    I've been thinking for a while on how to kind of branch out and make my character not so cookie-cutter, as well as trying to be inclusive with representation, when I realized that games seem to be lacking characters that leave a realistic impression out being outside the gender binary. Of all...
  16. Atlas Rose

    New at composing. Critiques?

    I've been in music for most of my life but only just started composing recently. I got this nice Linux program called LMMS (Linux Music Maker Software i think) that's been working well for me (and it's free). I started putting some of my stuff on sound cloud and would like some critiques if...
  17. Atlas Rose

    Status Bars

    I'm making a dating sim, but I want it to be a little different. Instead of the one "romance" bar, I'm wanting 3 bars to show comfort, respect, and trust. I'm looking for something that will show these different status bars, like the health bar, when you talk to a character. I plan to...
  18. Atlas Rose


    Cicero "Long ago, there lived a benevolent god. This god was worshipped by a small town in the forest. Every day, people from all over the town would take tributes to the god for good fortune, for this was the power the god possessed. One day, a goddess came to the town. 'I want to be...
  19. Atlas Rose

    Larger graphics when talking?

    I'm pretty sure what I'm asking for has been made, but I have no idea what it is called or what to search for, so I apologize in advance. I'm looking for a script to show a larger graphic than the normal one. This sounds really confusing so here is a screenshot from the game Mad Father...
  20. Atlas Rose

    Racially diverse characters?

    I my projects I tend to make the characters fit their environment and personality. A shut-in is usually very pale and thin, while a farmer is tanned and muscular. However, I often find myself (unintentionally, of course) making many of the characters caucasian. This may be because it is my own...

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