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  1. kaukusaki

    MZ generator parts - shadowing issues

    The men's eyebrows folds show up on darker skin colors on both steam and standalone versions. I thought it'd be darker to match like the frown lines? :unsure:
  2. kaukusaki

    Spriter Pro plugin for MZ?

    Wondering if there will be one for this as I'm not a fan of Effekseer and I mainly cobble together spritesheets. Also I don't want to learn yet another program :oswt:
  3. kaukusaki

    Formula box skill woes

    Im trying to figure out how to make a mp draining skill heal hp instead by using just the formula box. I'm probably over thinking it and after a week i can't get it working. Am i overlooking something?
  4. kaukusaki

    Weapon reference in formula box

    I've searched the forms for 2 hours and can't find the answer to what I'm looking for. Basically I want to force a skill used if equipped with a certain weapon otherwise it's a standard attack. I've tried a.weapons[N]; a.force_action(n, -2): a.atk but it errors out. My Ruby coding isn't the best...
  5. kaukusaki

    what is a steam key and how do i use it?

    Hopefully this is in the right place and if not, please move to the appropriate location. Spent several hours trying to find specific answers to my questions and couldn't find any, so here it is: I have a Steam key for MV when I preordered through web store. Do I have to purchase another copy...
  6. kaukusaki

    Rectitude (axed)

    UPDATE (3/14) - My last working computer decided to go on to electronic heaven, so right now, no projects at the time being. Wah, so damn close to getting something done for a change! Seriously, i need new gear that don't break all the time. I don't even have awesome art to show you guys...
  7. kaukusaki

    manga maker comipo - other dlc?

    If in wrong section, please redirect. Checking out the new stuff qnd found they made more content (packs 5-7). Was wondering when will it be available here? The only link directed to steam which is incompatible. I have money to chuck at the screen, heh

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