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  1. Spell Talk/Status effects, immunity vs percentage

    Hi. I am trying to decide on a balanced approach to some powerful effects I have in mind for my game. The two states I am considering are called Neutral and Potency. Neutral is activated from spells like "Neutralize". What this does is it removes any elemental effects applied to a target and...
  2. Suggestions for the next RPG Maker

    Haven't been here in ages other than to ask one question. ****ty times. Anyway: Like in microsoft excel, or any spreadsheet with this option, I would like the option to color code bars for armor, weapons, skills and items. This way instead of sifting through a wall of text or a potentially...
  3. Setting a minimum damage using percentages.

    Well there goes two things I learned. Thanks. I'll take the script and note the formula trick.
  4. Setting a minimum damage using percentages.

    Can you set a minimum damage using percent? If for example I don't want "No Damage" being the result from a large increase between defense and offense. Can it be done?
  5. Tsukihime InstanceItems troop event crash

    Okay thanks for the info. I don't know what will happen later as I try to make time for fixing this but right now I need to back off from all this for a while.
  6. MIght be inactive for long period as I try to hang on to potential job opportunities. Been...

    MIght be inactive for long period as I try to hang on to potential job opportunities. Been ridiculously difficult here. I have to do something.
  7. Tsukihime InstanceItems troop event crash

    It seems the conditions are very specific for the error to occur. I find that, going back to the pic in the first post, the line: Change Weapos: Plasma Sword -1 Include Equipment is where the error occurs. I edited the event to have a conditional branch so that if a player doesn't have the...
  8. This came out of nowhere. Failed to create bitmap

    I swear I didn't do anything o_O When I try to enter a certain map, that happens. I tried adjusting the transfer player location, nothing. When I go to look at my map, I notice a bunch of missing tiles. I did not touch any folders, I did not add or remove any information recently. But there...
  9. Tsukihime InstanceItems troop event crash

    The way it works is like this: Suit is attached to character. Weapons can only be equipped through using a skill to call up the weapon. These items disappear from inventory when unequipped. So skill calls weapon and removes weapon. This occurs when the item is being called up to be equipped to...
  10. Tsukihime InstanceItems troop event crash

    I'm simply selecting all the text from this page: starting at begin and stopping at the final end in the script. I get 1400 lines! Sorry accidental double post.
  11. Creating a memorable character name

    One can also look at the credits to movies. Just check out first and last names, mix some up!
  12. Tsukihime InstanceItems troop event crash

    Sorry I was away. It is strange that your script only goes to 730. From the same link my script is reaching 1400 almost. Hmm, I made sure there wasn't some sort of double paste. I'm going to try deleting the script then reapplying it later today.
  13. Tsukihime InstanceItems troop event crash

    This is happening AS I play the game I am not continuing a game from a save prior to adding the script. I always save and completely restart editor upon adding a script and have playtested from new game several times while this script was already installed. Here is the script. Big one...
  14. Tsukihime InstanceItems troop event crash

    I have a small issue with the Instance items script. During a troop event, when a character is being taught what effective weapon to equip for an enemy type, the game crashes when it attempts to equip the character with the weapon. However, if I were to equip the weapon manually as not part of...
  15. Creating a memorable character name

    I let my story dictate the names of my characters as best I can. That and I'm obsessed with the name Corbin Wells. I tend to put one of them in a few of my works.
  16. Ideas in Ink: Death and Rebirth

    Prompt: Ashes; PG-13? For descriptions of war, destruction. prompt: Empty beds: Prompt: Hallways of Tomorrow Prompt: Where the Sky Takes You Prompt: Another Open Door Prompt: All's Fine Prompt: Ending Madness Prompt: Words Not Said Prompt: Yesterday's Keeper Prompt: Blank Slate
  17. People will complain no matter what. Just create a system that makes real sense to you and share...

    People will complain no matter what. Just create a system that makes real sense to you and share it. And take what you get from that.
  18. Designing uses of TGR / aggro

    I base it first on my classes. I give some classes slightly higher TGR. And then I work on skills designed to affect TGR like hide. Which is useless by yourself. So to overcome that, I added high EVA and MEV to hide. This way it is like being hard to target, spells cant find you, physical hits...
  19. Magic the Gathering?

    Well, I managed to use the blue deck. Got a nice spell that allowed me to duplicate my goliath griffin's. I was able to attack with 5 of these 8/7 cards and rip apart everyone in the 4 way match =D
  20. "OK," "Ok," "Okay," "k," or "kk?"

    I don't care so long as the person I am communicating with makes a clear effort to show some respect to their language and the rules that accompany it.

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