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  1. Kane Hart

    I'm fat so my mother got me a Camera for my Birthday! - So lets Talk Cameras!

    So long story short my mother wanted to get me something that I would use a bit more to explore the outdoors rather then the indoors. I sadly don't live in the country or somewhere I can access ATV trails and fun recreational places and have no Car mainly due to how insane Insurance is and I...
  2. Kane Hart

    Stupid Question: How do I Import new static tiles for events without using map tile sheet?

    For the longest time I been using 576x384 sheet's in characters for my 48x48 tile edits and such. Today I found using further down animations are happening even if I force static it sometimes all the sudden when clicking on the tile show another tile on that sheet. Not sure if RPG Maker is...
  3. Kane Hart

    Blacksmith Forge / Worktable / More.

    I might be a bit blind but I did not see anything in the default MV Assets.  I'm looking for the following because these will be used by the player to smelt ores, craft armors, etc. Forge Anvil Work Table Sewing Type table forget the name :)  Loom or something :) Cooking...
  4. Kane Hart

    Script Calls and how they work within an event to display info?

    Sorry I tried googling this maybe I'm looking up the wrong term. But a lot of Plugins do script calls. I assume a lot of script calls can be used in other scripts of course. But some of the script calls offer like information to call like a total of something. Is there a way to say script...
  5. Kane Hart

    What is better Multiple Character Sheets or a few large ones?

    Just wondering for performance and overall ease. I see the exporter keeps crap ton of whitespace sadly. 
  6. Kane Hart

    I want to make 100's of quests. What is the best Plugin for this task?

    I want to make 100's of quests. I want simple things kill 10 of these guys, hand in this item, trigger something, even just simple as talk to this npc then talk to another NPC etc. My issue is I tried out Vlue's Quest Plugin and it's been quite annoying. To make a simple NPC who gives the...
  7. Kane Hart

    Request: ABC musical notation. Bring Musical Instruments into RPG Maker.

    I would love a ton if someone could make ABC Notations in RPG Maker. It has been done a few times in video games allowing players to play music via a text file or even from the instruments themselves where you can pound on the keys and make music. Can even bring instruments into the game...
  8. Kane Hart

    Menu Sounds replacement suggestions?

    I'm wondering you guys and girls have some suggestions for the menu sounds. Something less high pitch and smoother to the ears. I actually posted short little video and the first 2 comments were just about the pitch sounds. Refresher if you don't remember it :)
  9. Kane Hart

    Fallout 4

    Fallout 4 is coming very soon Nov 10th 2015 :) Wanted to hear from you guys and girls what are you looking forward to the most in Fallout 4 if you are planning on playing. I myself looking forward to more modding support and building my little tiny towns. I hope when modding support gets...
  10. Kane Hart

    Elmlor - The Open World Sandbox RPG Game [In Development]

    Hello and Thank you for checking out Elmlor. Elmlor is an open world sandbox rpg with a lot of neat sandbox features. We thought of changing the way RPG Maker games were made and make something a bit more unique and slightly out of the norm.   Links: Website:
  11. Kane Hart

    Request: Refresh Map Button (Refreshes the map and keeps your position for testing)

    I would love if possible a way to refresh the map via an event or better yet an option to also add it to a key. This would be mainly for testing so you can reload the map instantly without having to zone in and out etc. The big feature here is it would keep your position as well in the game. 
  12. Kane Hart

    Detroit Trailer.

    This looks so amazing I'm actually quite speechless. 
  13. Kane Hart

    What are the possibilities for seeing Pixi.js v3?

    I wanted to ask now because if there is no chance or next to no chance seeing an upgrade from the developers then someone in the community might consider trying to upgrade. I had tinkered around with no success but then again I'm not much of a programmer. I felt this belongs here since I think...
  14. Kane Hart

    Request: Map Edge Transfer Script / Plugin

    I would like a simple mod that I actually don't know if it's that simple but here it goes. On the Map Notes you can add something like the following <TN 012> <TE 013> <TS 014> <TW 015> The idea is when you hit the edge of the map you automatically get transferred to the next zone depending...
  15. Kane Hart

    Does anyone here suffer from headaches / migraines from 3D Movies?

    I wanted to see if I'm alone in this area. I always get splinter brain I call it watching 3D movies. I'm quite blind myself I wear some strong prescriptions near and far is totally shot without my glasses I could walk the right direction but I could not see anything I'm doing and not only that I...
  16. Kane Hart

    I have gotten Android Performance Increased by a lot. Still needs work but here is how.

    So this is a pretty big increase. This pretty much removed the gpu blacklist that seems to cause everyone to suffer even most well known devices it seems that you really need to disable it to make things go faster. Sadly this will increase your fps and make things quite smooth but the overall...
  17. Kane Hart

    Is it me or do a lot of the updated MV Tiles not quite fit in well?

    I'm sure it's just me but I'm finding more and more tiles not really fitting in as well. Ignore my bad map design below just playing around. But the thing I want to show here is the stump size and every other tree's stump. Or the big tree vs almost every tile in the picture seems just off by...
  18. Kane Hart

    Performance issues with core js related to tilemaps.

    This is from this reddit post (Warning Colorful Language Title) The user did not seem to have a forum account so I thought I share it here because I think it's everyone's best interest to consider...
  19. Kane Hart

    What is YED_Tilemap.js?

    I'm looking at this YED_Tilemap.js script and I'm sure I'm wrong but it seems like it's a performance enhancement the way the tiles load? I'm sure I'm wrong that might be wishful thinking but if someone can explain it that be wonderful. 
  20. Kane Hart

    Yanfly item core questions.

    I just want to thank you for all these great plugins they are truly amazing.  I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong or if it does not support this. But I started making tradeskills items a ton of them. Things like ore / bars, etc. I noticed when looking at the items the description is at...

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