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  1. Quxios

    QPlugin Library

    QPlugin Library This app/tool is an external plugin help viewer, so you can view a plugins help outside of RMMV. It also formats them using the md format rules, which you can toggle on/off incase the formatting makes it harder to read since not all plugins follow it and some might follow the...
  2. Quxios

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    QPlugins Demo - Site - Plugins Reporting bugs/errors/crashes When you find a bug / get an error or crash. Report it here or as a github issue [ ]. I would prefer...
  3. Quxios


    ElectronMV v1.1.X ( Electron only works for windows 7 and newer ) Electron wrapper for RPG Maker MV. Wrapping MV with Electron gives a handful of benefits. One of the main benefits includes in this wrapper is being able to remember the window position, size and if it was full screened the...
  4. Quxios

    Quasi Audio

    Quasi Audio For a newer version, go here: About This plugin lets you play audio at a certain location. The audios volume and pan will be determined based off the players distance from the audio...
  5. Quxios

    Quasi Item Scene

    Quasi Item Scene by Quasi About Gives the developer more control over how the item scene looks. It also adds an additional info window that you set any text you want inside of. Links Download Setting up Item Pages To add text inside the new item info window, you need to...
  6. Quxios

    Quasi Quick Touch

    [Quasi] Quick Touch MV by Quasi About: Modifies the Selection Window so items get selected / are highlighted, when the mouse is over them. Since they are selected when the mouse is over them you only need to single click on them to activate instead of double clicking. Example Video...
  7. Quxios

    Quasi Simple Shadows

    Quasi Simple Shadows Version - 1.00 by Quasi About This plugin adds a simple shadow casting feature to character sprites. I consider this plugin simple because it is not dynamic, advanced and is not a real shadow casting. Though I do plan on creating a real shadow casting once MV can use...
  8. Quxios

    Quasi Popup

    Quasi Popup Version - 1.00 by Quasi * I'll make a better video on youtube eventually. * The <icon:1> actually works in this release.  About This plugin adds a popup feature to RPG Maker MV. The popups you create will appear above the character and will pick a random popup dialog...
  9. Quxios

    Quasi Puzzle

    Quasi Puzzle A Version - 1.00 by Quasi * I'll make a better video on youtube eventually. About This plugin lets you create puzzle mechanics much easier. You can easily set up push / pull events as well as switches which require X amount of wait above it for it to trigger.  ...
  10. Quxios

    Quasi Sprite

    Quasi Sprite by Quasi No longer being supported by Quasi About This plugin lets you set up spritesheets how you want to use them. This means that you can have as many frames, poses, different amount of frames per pose, ect. For On map character sprites and in battle Side View...
  11. Quxios

    Quasi ABS

    -No longer supported- Consider using QABS which is SUPPORTED [Quasi] ABS Version -Dev- MV by Quasi About: So some of you may already know that I've been working on a pixel based Action Battle System for MV on and off for a while now. I decided to create this...
  12. Quxios

    Using PIXI Graphics

    I was wondering if theirs any fix or if anyones figured a way to use PIXI.Graphics. For those that don't know, if you create a PIXI.Graphic it will mess up the windows rendering Example: I've found a few fixes myself. You can set "cacheAsBitmap" to true. But for my current plugin I don't want...
  13. Quxios

    Quasi Input

    [Quasi] Input Version 1.03 MV by Quasi       What it does: This plugin adds extra input functionality. It adds more keys to allow for a keyboard input window and allows you to remap all default keys including the F keys.   Terms of use: This does not follow my...
  14. Quxios

    Quasi Scroll

    [Quasi] Scroll Version 1.00 MV by Quasi What it does: This plugin lets you scroll at different angles as well as scrolling directly towards a character. Using Quasi Scroll: Using Quasi Scroll with frames: Links: Github Terms of use
  15. Quxios

    Wallpapers and logos usage

    I was wonder if we are allowed to use the RMVXA and RMMV wallpapers / logos in our sites and if so can we edit them? I would like to use the wallpapers as the banner for their pages (ex, vxa scripts page would have the vxa wallpaper ). And by editing I mean cropping it, so it would fit the...
  16. Quxios

    Quasi Params Plus

    [Quasi] Params Plus Version 1.07 MV by Quasi   What it does: Params Plus allows you to add a fixed param value to states and equipment. With this you can create states that will add a constant value to a parameter. Or create a poison / regeneration state that ticks a...
  17. Quxios

    Quasi Movement

    NO LONGER SUPPORTED Consider using QMovement which is still SUPPORTED! [Quasi] Movement Version 1.2X MV by Quasi Goal: My aim for this movement script is to be able to make a game that looks and feels different then a RPG Maker game. This plugin will be a base script for a...
  18. Quxios

    Quasi Sight

    So this is a script that I've been working on and off again for about a year now. I did release an old version last year. But I've recreated it to work pixel based instead of grid based. This script was the primary reason I created my Movement script. What the script does: This is a picture...
  19. Quxios

    Quasi Sprite

    [Quasi] Sprite Version 0.9 by Quasi What it does: Allows you to set up spritesheets to work how you want them to work. You can create custom poses like dancing, attacking, fishing, jumping, ect. and call them with 1 easy script call. *Note* unlike default VXA where you can set multiple...
  20. Quxios

    Quasi Movement

    [Quasi] Movement Version 1.54 by Quasi   --Discontinued-- This script is no longer supported. Meaning there will be no bug fixes or new features being added.     What it does:    1. Changed how movement works. Allows players to choose how many pixels to move per movement. In better terms, allows...

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