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  1. Cadh20000

    Problem with a Common Event, completely freezes player while in effect

    I hope I put this in the right place... I've been working on this for 2 days and can get everything working right EXCEPT that it freezes the player character so they can't do anything while it is running. It is supposed to calculate what "Chaos Variant Level" the player is at and move them...
  2. Cadh20000

    Aquatic and non-aquatic team-up mechanic

    No idea why but while I was laying ½ awake tossing and turning last night and this morning this was going through my head… I’m thinking about a game mechanic where humans and mer-people team up, but the mers can only survive for a short while on dry land and the humans can only survive for a...
  3. Cadh20000

    Degica Game Making Bundle Giveaway

    Andar said it was okay to post this so... "Degica Game Making Bundle Giveaway" The giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight though. "Giveaway ends July 21st at 11:59 PM PST." $5,000 in Humble Store Vouchers! We have 172 prizes available to be won: - 2 x $500 Vouchers - 10 x $100 Vouchers - 20 x $50...
  4. Cadh20000

    Possible game mechanic idea.

    It has probably been done before, but not too often I don't think... Anyway, I am curious whether anyone would want to play a game like this so I am asking here whether people think it is one I should bother making. Of course, it would be basically shelved until my current project is done, but I...
  5. Cadh20000

    "A Tender Moment"

    I was helping Blindga on the forums brainstorm for a character design for his game and Ellisandra came out of it as a side effect. I wasn't trying to make a new character for my stories. Literally, immediately after I came up with the character description I started thinking...
  6. Cadh20000

    Preferred fonts for personal use?

    Kinda random, but do you have a particular font you really like? One that you feel ideally balances being pleasing to look at and easy to read? Personally, I'm partial to "Monotype Corsiva".
  7. Cadh20000

    Cryptogram puzzle with symbols

    I'm looking for help in setting up a minigame in my project, though I think once the basic script is available more people will be making use of it for their games! I have only one magic user in my game and he doesn't learn any spells by leveling up. Instead all spells in the game are in...
  8. Cadh20000

    Free Pictures, Picture spritesheets, and battlers.

    Feel free to use these however you want, just credit me. *EDIT* BE AWARE, These are all for VX Ace and will require re-sizing to be used with MV! I may do some sized for MV later though so I didn't change the tags to specify this thread as VX Ace only. *END EDIT* Some spritesheets, be...
  9. Cadh20000

    Cadh20000's "old" art

    The reason for the "old" in the thread title is the fact that most of my newer(and presumably better) work goes with a non-RM game I'm working on, so I have to be careful about posting it around here. While I did put some of it in here I won't go into detail about it. Every image here (and...
  10. Cadh20000

    How old should a new Hero be?

    To start with, I hope I'm right to post this here. If not please tell me and I'll move or delete it. While my project and the feedback on it brought this up originally, I think the topic itself is general enough to warrant a broader discussion. I will reference both my game and real history to...
  11. Cadh20000

    Question about writing for others

    While having totally free reign over a story is always the writer's ideal, such is very seldom possible when writing for a client rather than one's self. While these questions may occasionally get a variation on "I don't know, you decide" for an answer, you should ask them anyway, for if you...
  12. Cadh20000

    Different effects for whether the event is facing toward or away

    Alright, how to phrase this...? Is there a way to set it up so you get different effects depending on whether an event is facing the player or away from the player? The events will be mobile so I can't use the actor's facing up, down, left, or right to do this. I mean... if the event is facing...
  13. Cadh20000

    Requesting a "Big Monster" animated sprite for VX Ace

    Could someone please make a sprite to go with this creature? It would be a "Big Monster" type sprite in the RTP style.     Please, no-one use the image without first asking permission of He made it specifically for my game, but provided of course that you get...
  14. Cadh20000

    Collapsing sprite request

    I am requesting a collapse animation for this sprite: I made him in the character generator but while it gives me a walking animation, I also need one of him collapsing to the ground after being knocked out. The first boss in my game, win or lose, knocks you out and locks you in the basement...
  15. Cadh20000

    Request for Battler

    Anyone doing requests for Battlers? I'd love a battler based on this sprite/face. Any additional gang members would be great, but at least one for Kyle is needed. They would be for the "VX Ace" RTP style. It is Kyle, a modern day high school bully/gang-leader (roughly 16 yrs of age) that is...
  16. Cadh20000

    Making a character-specific item

    This is actually 2 questions, both relating to the same item. I am trying to make a "Magic Necklace" that is equippable like an accessory and usable as a Key Item. So far the only solution I have found is to have 2 of it, one as the accessory, one as the key item. But it needs to be usable in...
  17. Cadh20000

    Event placement not triggering map transfer

    First of all, if this has already been asked and I missed it in the VX Ace support forums I'm sorry, but I honestly didn't see it when going through them. Alright, I'm assuming my problem is with not knowing how to properly use variables, but whenever I think I have it figured out the event...
  18. Cadh20000

    Request 3 images to use as cutscene backgrounds

    I'm requesting images to use as cutscenes. I can't pay, but you would be properly credited.   The images would be of my 4 yr old character Karen. Her sprite and face are shown here: Basically the first of the two would be of her standing next to a glowing blue magic circle with her hands...
  19. Cadh20000

    Recruiting for chain-game! (Thread will be used for discussion later)

    To start with, this project is being made in RPG Maker VX Ace. I'll be using my short story "Interdimensional Ghost Story" as the starting point. Basically a little (4 yr old) girl from a world of magic (Karen) tries a spell she saw her mother learning and messes it up, instead of summoning an...
  20. Cadh20000

    Evan's Journey 2

    Demo only (Need full version of VX Ace to finish it) Size: 189MB 101 maps (includes buildings in that number) Storyline synopsis: Evan, his sister Aina, an their friend R.G. defeated the Beast of Fire (end of the first game) and blacked out. Next thing they know they are waking up on the roof...

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