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  1. Korros

    Adding new BGM/BGS/SE

    Hello, I noticed that opposite to VX Ace, RPG Maker MV uses the M4A format for it's audio files. The question that I have is how can I add new music? Before I just dragged the music files (normally MP3 or WAV) to the music folders in VX Ace and they appeared in the engine, but I tried doing...
  2. Korros

    Changing Font MV/8 Direction Movement

    Hello, Is it possible to change font type and the size in the game? I think that the text is kinda big. Also I heard that it was possible to make a character move in 8 directions? Does it need a plugin of some sorts? Greetings, Frank
  3. Korros

    Lightning Help

    Hello! I was wondering if you guys knew of any way to make lightning in MV?  Talking in specifics, I want to simulate the morning light in a room since it's too dim. Any ideas to brighten the room without tinting the screen? Because when tinting the screen the area that is also black gets...
  4. Korros

    Change tile size 32x32

    Hello, I just got MV and I'm trying to export a project that I was working on VX Ace and what I seem to notice is that the tiles don't match up. In VX Ace the tiles were 32x32 and apparently now the tiles are a different size. Any help with this? How could I change the game to accept 32x32...
  5. Korros

    Lightning moves

    Hello, Today I was experimenting with lightning and I made a map bigger than the regular one (it's 17 x 16) and I want to set the lightning picture so that it won't move from the place in the map. The problem is that apparently it follows the screen, so the lightning moves with the player. Any...
  6. Korros

    Lightning Problem

    Hello again, I was trying to make an event which allowed my main character to have a "lamp" effect, so that the entire map was somewhat dark except for the lamp area. Now the problem is (as you can see on the screenshots ) that when I reach the border of the map, the image appears incomplete or...
  7. Korros

    Eliminate item tabs

    Hello, Is it possible to eliminate certain item tabs (for example the weapons, armour, etc) by changing the script? Greetings and have a nice day, Korros
  8. Korros

    Window Skin Problem

    Hello, I was working on a custom window skin (the one that I attached) and when I place the skin on VX Ace the pattern part (the diamond and eyes part) won't show up. Any suggestions on what I should do? Korros
  9. Korros

    Moving Background Title Screen Script

    Hello people QAQ! So I've been working on my game for some days, and now I want to make some cool title screen with an RTP-Style background without changing how the menu looks or works, and if possible one that you can adjust the speed and what direction will the image move. Also if you could...
  10. Korros

    How to make screen look bigger in VX Ace

    So hey :B I've been working on my game and I've also watched some japanese ones (Mermaid Swap, Mad Father, etc) and I noticed that games made on Wolf RPG Editor look "bigger or "buffier". Anyone has any idea how to make games look like this in VX Ace? (posting image):
  11. Korros

    How to make MACK size characters for VX Ace

    I don't like chibi characters in RPG Maker VX Ace, and I know it's not the fault of the makers that they aren't able to make awesome characters (it's a horrible feeling u..u) so one dayI found a character generator for XP characters (which are MACK) and I was like OMG oAo, but the problem was...

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