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  1. rahnborshko

    Change Hero Battler Positions?

    Thanks for pointing this out.  I am, however, running into a snag.  By using this method, how would you separate the battlers from each other?  I can move them all as a group around the screen, but they are all clumped together.  I tried messing with the anchors for each character but their...

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Your artwork is amazing!!!
Stream will be live shortly with a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!
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Made a video showcasing 56 plugins I've installed and used in the first 5 minutes of my game. (No battle related plugins involved.) :LZScheeze:

being able to transition music seamlessly is amazing. my main character's theme has lyrics and it goes from vocal version to istrumental when he leaves his room. and vice versa. and thanks to a plugin, the transition is seamless. I love it.

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