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  1. vico

    So there's my issues with RM...

    ...after the unfolding of this topic, i began to hesitate to use RPG Maker with my "original" (not fangames from established RPG franchises) projects due to copyright (and artistic freedom) issues. So @Andar suggested me to create this topic to discuss better and keep the original one in the...
  2. vico

    Use RMXP windowskins on MV (plus change windowskin via events)

    I was searching for RGSS scripts and found this one who lets the maker use RMXP-like windowskins in VXAce, so i begin to wonder if could be possible to make an equivalent plugin for MV. Another thing is make a way to replace the windowskin ingame (perharps using a equivalent of Call Script from...
  3. vico

    Widescreen (16:9) + Higher Resolution

    Hi! I'm searching for a script who tweaks the internal resolution of RPG Maker XP to be fullscreen (aka 853x480) with a nearest neighboor scaling for higher resolutions, plus keeping the ability to go fullscreen or windowed modes. I was toying around with this script but it bugs a lot menus...
  4. vico


    I was thinking about changing the default save location to RMXP game saves, and the only way to get the "Saved Games" folder (from WinVista+) is using this api. The docs are C++ oriented, but is there any way using Win32API to get the path from one of these GUIDs? Thanks in advance!
  5. vico

    Gamba Caterpillar + Chrono Trigger CMS

    Anybody know of any way to make both scripts compatible? I know Train Actor can be used with the party rearrange function of the CMS, but this script doesn't allow me to move the other party members and such. In counterpart Gamba Caterpillar allow the user to literally "assign" the first x...
  6. vico

    Embed JSNES (a NES Emulator) in game

    Hi! First of all, if this post somewhat violates the Forum rules, i'm very sorry mods. Well, i was searching for free to play homebrew NES games on internet, and while testing some i was wondering: What if we can play this games inside another game, just like Shenmue or GTA SA? So i knew there...
  7. vico

    HP-based battler sprite

    Hi! Playing Final Fantasy Mystic Quest i've noticed that the enemy battlers, depending of the HP level, have certain sprite. For example: Above is the enemies with full HP. And above the enemy with low-hp -- So, can someone make a system like this for MV? Thanks in advance!
  8. vico

    Chrono Trigger battle system to RGSS1

    Hi! This is similar to what i was requested for MV, but this time for RMXP (seems like i will use this because i'm more familiar with). Basically, this is an ATB-based on-map battle system. A gameplay from this game follows for reference (40:03 for normal enemy; 57:19 for boss): I think...
  9. vico

    Need help with MOG's Chrono Engine UI/HUDs

    Hi! After posting a request for Chrono Trigger battle system an user show me Chrono Engine by Mog Hunter. [Video] I really like the system, but when i got the demo and began to tweak the plugins i tried to revert the battle UI to something more similar to vanilla system... ...but without...
  10. vico

    The Chrono Trigger System

    Hi! It's me again! This time i want to talk about some parts of this incredible JRPG by Square-Enix. If anyone have interest in make even one part only i would be forever thankful! PS.: This post is an "improved" version of the prior topics i've made. Due to the intrinsically nature of all...
  11. vico

    Chrono Trigger-like CMS

    Can someone port this RGSS script for MV? If possible, with chapters support. Link for demos (Windowskin version = uses the standard windowskin system to render the window borders; Picture version = render the menu windows using images): Trigger...
  12. vico

    Secret of Mana-style co-op ARPG (not netplay)

    Hi! I was wondering if someone did this (or even if this is possible to make) for MV. Basically, a variaton of action battle system which each member of party can be controlled by different players. When the player 2 hits START (and there's more than one member in the party) the second member...
  13. vico

    Resources in style of Chrono Trigger/Rom Saga/Secret of Mana for MV

    Resource Type: Characters, Battlers and Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: Chrono Trigger, Romancing Saga, Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu Description: After chatting with people from OGA forums (they are very nice guys FYI) they advice me to came here and ask about this. I have plans to do...
  14. vico

    Comic bubble system (alternative)

    Hi, is there any bubble system aside Galv's MV Message Styles? I'm searching for a system more similar to Wachunga's Multiple Message Windows, with similar configurations and such.
  15. vico

    More fluid caterpillar (party members behind hero)

    Hi everyone! I have a question about the default MV's caterpillar: IMO its very rigid, and i'm searching for a plugin which gives a more fluid look to other party members (like a small delay to start moving, other formations, etc). One example of what i'm looking for is from Chrono Trigger...
  16. vico

    Fighting Game-style battle system

    Fighting Game-style battle system Well, pretty odd for RPG Maker, not? I was thinking in make something different to my project; something less "tied" and more captivating to gameplay. So i thought: There is a lot of fans of RPGs and Fighting Games. What about unite both? This is...
  17. vico

    Greco-Roman Gen Parts

    Hi all. I searched this entire forum, but didn't find anything. Has anybody made free clothing parts for MV generator (or Schlangan's Extended Gen) inspired by Greek and Roman cultures? Thanks in advance!
  18. vico

    A solution to this problem?

    * Moderators: i didnt find any specific place to ask this question. Sorry if this are off-place and move if necessary :(  * I bought both RPG Maker XP and MV on Steam, mainly because we could use assets between both makers (at least some staff guys said that here on the forums). I really...
  19. vico

    Implementation of CSSgram for RPG Maker MV

    Hi all! Another request (this time most a suggestion than otherwise) now: I've exploring github repositories and came across this little piece: CSSgram is a CSS (Mr Obvious attacks again) filter library to emulate the popular instagram effects. The github...
  20. vico

    RPG Maker Licensing

    Sorry if i posted on wrong place I have MASSIVE questions about licencing. It bugs me. How you deal about it? Woah, lets go: How i proper reference Kadokawa / Yoji Ojima / Enterbrain in my project? And 3rd party resources (like those made by forum folks for example - not ripped or...

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