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  1. Lonewulf123

    Text Input during Combat

    Hello, I'm looking for a snippet or code that will allow Name and Text Input to be allowed during combat settings. By default it appears that if you have a name input processing during a battle event, it will just skip over this processing. Basically, I'm setting up some combat encounters...
  2. Lonewulf123

    BattleBacks “slide into view”

    Hello, I’m looking for a snippet that will allow a battleback2 to quickly scroll across the Screen at the start of combat. it’s different from a scrolling battleback because it doesn’t constantly scroll; only scroll at the start and to its normal position. Basically, the image would start...
  3. Lonewulf123

    [VXA] Actor Specific HP/MP Bar color

    Hello, I’m looking for a script or snippet that will let me choose what color an actor’s HP and MP bars will be. The only twist is, I would like the colors to be specific to the actor. for example, actor 1 could have green hp and mp bars, while actor 2 would have red ones. the only compatible...
  4. Lonewulf123

    [VX ACE]Drawing a Filled Rectangle behind Character face in Yanfly Battle HUD

    Hello, Can anyone help me create a snippet that will create a filled rectangle behind the characters faceset in Yanfly Battle Engine Status window? It would appear behind the faceset, and behind the "selection cursor". I've mocked up an example below: Something like the black square behind...
  5. Lonewulf123

    “True” random multihit Targeting

    Hi, I’m looking for a code or plugin that will help me replicate how multihit skills work in the persona series. Basically, this is the scenario: You’re facing three enemies in combat. You use skill multihit 3. This skill will hit a total of 3 times, but the targets are random. Basically, it...
  6. Lonewulf123

    State Resist Help

    Hello, I've been using a script with the help of Tsukihime (it was requested a while ago) that when a user hits an enemy weakness, the user is applied with a buff, and the enemy is given a debuff. This is working perfectly, however I want to add a new element to it. Basically, if the enemy has...
  7. Lonewulf123

    State that forces user to move first in turn

    Hello, I’m trying to make a state that forces the user to move first in the turn while the user is inflicted with it. I know that there’s an attack speed trait, but it only seems to work with normal attacks. Is there a snippet that will cause the atk speed trait to work will all skills?
  8. Lonewulf123

    Base parameters in damage formula

    hello, Is it possible to pull an actor’s base stats (for instance the raw attack stat without factoring equipment) into a damage formula? I would like utilize both “a.atk” plus the raw number in a battle formula, but I don’t know how easy that would be to accomplish.
  9. Lonewulf123

    Sound file editing?

    Please forgive me if this is the incorrect forum, but I’m looking for a little bit of sound help. I’m working with some sound effect files, but the base sound effects are too soft. I want to make the sounds louder, so they fit the sound effects I’m already using in my game. That way turning the...
  10. Lonewulf123

    RPG/ Game Design Podcast?

    hello! I’m looking for a new game design podcast to listen to on my way to work, and my way home from work. I figure I can do some “dev work” and research as I travel too! Does anyone have any good suggestions? Any game dev podcast would be good for me, but I really want to find one dedicated...
  11. Lonewulf123

    Stacking States and Increased Damage

    Hello, I'm trying to create a stacking state which increases the overall damage output of the users attacks. Basically, when the state is applied, damage increase by .25. When the skill is cast again, the state counter goes from 1 to 2, and then damage is increased again from 1.25 to 1.50...
  12. Lonewulf123

    Message while discarding items

    Hello, I'm looking for a little code snippet or plugin extension that will allow me to add messages when I use Yanfly Item Discard. Basically, I want a message that shows after you choose to discard an item. For example, "You...
  13. Lonewulf123

    Yanfly Battle Status Window Help?

    Hi, I'm using Battle Status Window in a front view battle system. I'm also using the "Show Sprites Feature", so it uses the SV sprites during the front view battles. The problem I'm running into is that I'm trying to put more space between the battlers: Basically like in the above image, I'm...
  14. Lonewulf123

    Skill that amplifies element rates

    hello, I want to create a skill that amplifies the enemy element rates. What it would do is make the element weakness more potent, but also make their resistances stronger. For example, enemy a takes 150% damage from fire, but 50% damage from ice. After using the skill, they now take 200%...
  15. Lonewulf123

    Full MP Damage?

    Currently, I’m using a skill that deals MP damage to the opponent. However, I’m running into a bit of the issue. For instance, the enemy has 5 hp left. My hp attack is supposed to deal 50 damage. It deals 50 damage and the enemy hp drops to 0. However in this instance, My enemy has 5 mp left...
  16. Lonewulf123

    Change Color for Skill users?

    Hello! I'm trying to add a bit of uniqueness to battle, so I'm adding some color to the battle description text. Basically, I want to change the color of the name of the person who uses a skill. So instead of Ralph uses heal! It reads: RALPH uses heal (just pretend the bolded text is red...
  17. Lonewulf123

    Game Design Process: how do you tackle game making?

    So, you’ve finally settled for your overall game idea and plot. You’ve created your scope, and you know the general overview of how you want your game to go... my question is what do you do next? I’ve dabbled in many projects over the years, but many have fallen by the wayside. I try to...
  18. Lonewulf123

    Battle Command Hotkeys/Button Skills

    Introduction: Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this topic. I'm currently looking for a way to assign an actors skill to the press of one button. Instead of going through menus, I'd like for you to push a button and use a skill that. Purpose: Currently, I'm in the process of...
  19. Lonewulf123

    Animated (?) Battle Log

    Hello all, I'm looking for a script that will change how the text in the battle log is drawn and appears. Basically, the text kinda just appears and I would like to make it look dynamic or more interesting. I would like it to appear to scroll, for instance the text would show up, then another...
  20. Lonewulf123

    "Chase" Link Skills

    Hello, Those familiar with the Etrian Odyssey (and by extension the Persona Q game) may be familiar with Chase/Chain/Link skills. These skills are great skills for increase damage output per turn, and also creating high damaging party set ups. Now these skills are different from typical chain...

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