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  1. Jufry_A

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    FIX, You are right PKirkby. just add any event comment code to event page, although a start event. I think that comment code is just for target events only.
  2. Jufry_A

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    its for target events. not for start events. The start event does not do anything when I call the script above from the event. Galv.PROJ.atTarget(0,11,5,4,'orb',1,'|s(A:on)',[9],[],3,7,60);
  3. Jufry_A

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    I use this Script Call: Galv.PROJ.atTarget(0,11,5,4,'orb',1,'|s(A:on)',[9],[],3,7,60); and its not work. What is the problem? But its work with premade, not with script call.
  4. Jufry_A

    Virtual Buttons and DPad

    Meet random encounter while DPad is Pressed will make button pressed forever and cant to be stopped. is this a bug? Solved: I added ALOE.clearDpadInput(); to Scene_Battle start function
  5. Jufry_A

    [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    Why state motions (like Abnormal, Sleep, Dying, etc) not work?
  6. Jufry_A

    LGP - Better Damage Popup

    I want to show 0 damage, how to do it? Thanks
  7. Jufry_A

    Terrax Lighting system

    I move the event with a script: $gameMap.event(e).setPosition(x,y); and light has a delay about 2-3 seconds to move. Please help ME!
  8. Jufry_A

    EISLibrarium 1.02 [Updated]

    KR is not defined Try to Insert and PUT EISFileSystem script above Amaryllis script. You can download EISFileSystem script in EIS Website it fixed my problem with same issue.
  9. Jufry_A

    Just Trying another event

    Just Trying another event

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