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  1. eadgear

    Help with Lag Issue

    This is my very first game, so I don't have that much of knowledge when it comes to technical issue. I added lots of event in a particular map. Whenever I run the game I have no issue with lag. My question is if ever I publish the game will it lag?
  2. eadgear

    Indie Game Making Contest 2018!

    where to send the game?
  3. eadgear

    Draw This Again!

    @NeoFantasy Yes, good thing that I improve a lot. It was that I look for different tutorial, and ask many people to help me improved my drawing skill. I also spend a lot of time studying someone's art by looking at it and thinking how they draw it. The hard work of pays.
  4. eadgear

    Draw This Again!

    2 years ago I posted my improvement. Now I will post again checking if there's any changes. Here it is, love that I improved.
  5. eadgear

    Karma: The Game

    Oh I see, ok then you can view my works here:
  6. eadgear

    Karma: The Game

    Hello, I'm a pixel/tile artist. Please check my shop here:
  7. eadgear

    Changing "north" on a map

    I agree with @Revival. If you want something like rotating map, you have to remap everything. Actually I just got idea no how it works but remapping, cut scenes and triggered events are necessary. It will be something like this, no compass needed and no direction to make the game more...
  8. eadgear


    I love the shadow and lighting. It really makes you feel the atmosphere of the game. Nice work, keep it up.
  9. eadgear

    Hidden areas

    Hello, Currently working with the game design and I want to add amazing stuff on it which is "hidden areas". It is normal for an rpg to have hidden areas but I don't know which one is best. The first choice is the overworld hidden areas like pokemon legendary locations way likes correct...
  10. eadgear

    Weapon qualities to balance with?

    there's are two types of gamer that one who goes for aesthetics and the other that goes for status. It seems that what you mean is making the player 2(one that goes for status) choose between sword and other weaponry. The most common application is speed, range and damage. But in late game...
  11. eadgear

    Draw This Again!

    Thank you @HexMozart88, the reason is I deeply pay attention on details of the other artist's drawing. I found a good way to improve myself and even taught it to other artist I know. It is like a trick that will improve your drawing in a very short time, you can ask me about it and I will tell...
  12. eadgear

    Large Scale Battles (When Armies Clash)

    I agree with @chungsie. That's how most of the large scale battle in game did. A single sprite represents a number of soldiers. The health of this sprite is the number of units. Plus cut the screen like "advance wars" did in their battle mode. Even though you can't see the clash of units you can...
  13. eadgear

    How Important is Artwork?

    As a gamer, art is very important for the game especially in the first phase of the game in market. I wouldn't play a game if I saw that the screenshots of the game isn't that appealing. I notice that some of people here told you that it's all about the gameplay and story. It is, BUT it's not in...
  14. eadgear

    Should I Try to Find a Publisher or Sell Myself?

    If you are skilled enough in marketing that wouldn't be a problem. A publisher have already customers. So trying to work with a publisher is making their customer your potential buyer. Unlike your fans that following you updates in your blog, the publisher's customer is already buyer.
  15. eadgear

    Skill names

    I agree with @Andar. But to prevent comparison or funny meme don't try to use the names that's already a trademark of a game, that names that once you heard the first thing comes to your mind is this particular. For example, you named the starting town as "pallet town". That seems inappropriate...
  16. eadgear

    Draw This Again!

    I had fun redrawing my old drawing. Too bad that I didn't find older than this. I think I improved a lot.
  17. eadgear

    Discussion on Save Methods.

    It's more fun having a save point system and it is more challenging. I love to hear players saying these words, "Don't die yet, must go to save point". Then a wild monster appear "ARRRGGGHH!!!!".
  18. eadgear

    let's talk about Blind status

    I agree with @bgillisp his blind status is great.  that's a big no for me. Even temporary blind guys can hit you by using their hearing. You can apply any status to bosses but the effectiveness and the duration is less. Actually I'm not favor with status-free bosses. That kind of bosses...
  19. eadgear

    Puzzle Tower: Legends V0.1 [Demo]

    Does this puzzle filled rpg game have extreme humor? It kinda boring if the game like this doesn't have that kind of level. Also a recommendation about the puzzle, I see it kinda elemental puzzle and I'm hoping throughout the game the player won't see the same element. There's should be floor...
  20. eadgear

    Chronicle 7

    I see, I wonder if you really choose either of the two faction like a total different route

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