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  1. MrNybbles

    Who do I report fake/scam websites to?

    I am not sure who to contact about a website that is "offering" free steam keys to specific RPG Maker MV DLC. I'd rather not post the link here and give it visibility. I don't know what the actual scam is because I'm not going to click the "Free Download" link, but between the broken English...
  2. MrNybbles

    Question about incorporating the Community_Basic.js code

    Until now I have been assuming that plug-in Community_Basic.js is meant as sample a project to teach some of the basic mechanics of how plug-ins work and has the author listed as "RM CoreScript team". This made sense to me because it showed how to hook in to functions instead of replace them...
  3. MrNybbles

    Hello, All!

    Hello! Likes: Writing code, RPGs, etc. Dislikes: Talking about myself, Grinding, etc.

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