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  1. AeonSpark

    Item Database and Easy Referencing how to?

    I wanted to know if there was a way of using variables and events to check items and whether they are in an inventory, without having to use individual variables for each item.  This is for a shop based game, so essentially I want to check if an item is in stock, but due to the nature of the...
  2. AeonSpark

    Random Battles or Enemy on Map?

    Hi all. I was just wondering what you would all prefer to play, given a choice. I don't particularly like playing random battles myself, i.e. you're trying to get somewhere, and they slow you down. For this there are alternatives of course, no battle items, 'repel' ish items. But I can...

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Your artwork is amazing!!!
Stream will be live shortly with a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!
I should finish the cat video I'm editing and finish the indesign stuff. So far only 1 is done and 4 to go
Made a video showcasing 56 plugins I've installed and used in the first 5 minutes of my game. (No battle related plugins involved.) :LZScheeze:

being able to transition music seamlessly is amazing. my main character's theme has lyrics and it goes from vocal version to istrumental when he leaves his room. and vice versa. and thanks to a plugin, the transition is seamless. I love it.

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