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  1. Rikert

    remove the item count symbol "x"

    Want to get rid of the "x" symbol next to the item amount, cause it seems unnecessary. Using a custom font, which makes it come out as a "[?]" symbol though. I'm just not sure what to specifically edit in the script (other forum posts about the same issue solve it but don't say what they did)...
  2. Rikert

    RMVXA RENT: the Game

    In RENT: the Game you go to exaggerated and comedic RPG length to pay your rent, after not reading the fine print on the agreement. With only five days to earn a few thousand of dollars you’ll have to do anything and everything, clean and dirty, to get it. Explore the city for goodies and...
  3. Rikert

    2 save / load screen questions

    have 2 questions for changing something with the save / load screen, and if there is a simple script edit (if it can be simple) i can do? Here the save screen, basic format. #1: can i use faces rather than sprites? sprites i use are big. #2: can i display gold? gold is a major factor in the...
  4. Rikert

    Is Zerbu's scripts for commercial use?

    I'm want to use scripts by Zerbu, which are exactly what i need. and I looked all around but he doesn't say if they can be used for...
  5. Rikert

    Animation help

    Wanted to know if there is a way of animating with individual sprites in a sprite sheet. I found this worm sprite. I'm wondering how you would implement sprite sheets to make an animation? using VX Ace. Thank you
  6. Rikert

    Text Box Y-Position (away from boarder)

    looking around for help on this, but nothing i find seems to help, or i'm just really bad at figuring scripts out (probably the latter). Just want to know how to move the text box slightly away from the boarder of the screen. Thank You
  7. Rikert

    Conversation Event Help

    Just want to know if there is a easier way to do this than i'm thinking. I have a big character and need the player to move to a certain spot to make it look right, and they have more event pages for extra dialogue. Is there some kind of condition i can set that will cause the player to...
  8. Rikert

    Text boxes at top of screen?

    Is there a simple way to position text boxes at top of screen by default?
  9. Rikert

    window opacity help

    trying to make the windows / message boxes in my game solid (non-transparent). I changed a bunch of things to 255, but still not sure which one specifically to change or if it's a window skin thing. note: using Ace Core Engine, Ace Message System, Ace Battle Engine.
  10. Rikert

    Making a picture a background (non-parallax)?

    Is there a way to make a picture a background, that way i can stack tiles and assets on top of it? Can the parallax be edited to not move? Thank you : )
  11. Rikert

    Side scroll view: Sprite hovers

    Making a side scrolling view in my game, but my sprites seem to hover a couple pixels. My sprites are touching the bottom of sprite sheet tiles, but still doesn't change it. please help, thanks : )

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