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  1. Espilonarge

    RMMV Odd quirk with SumRndmDde's Timed Attack plugins.

    I've been trying to work out for the past 24 hours or so now as to why "$gameTemp.tas_power" is giving incorrect values during the calculation of my action sequence. To give a better understanding of the quirk, here is the action sequence code I'm using for the "Rapid Strike" Bow Ability that...
  2. Espilonarge

    DreamX Prefix/Suffix's and message/popup issue

    When a weapon or armor is labelled with a prefix and/or suffix, all message based plugins (Yanfly's Message Core, MOG's Popup Treasure, Silver's Item Log, etc) won't show anything but the "default" name of the weapon or armor (they will however appear with their prefix and/or suffix in the...
  3. Espilonarge

    Picture Z-Level help?

    To give you an idea of the problem I'm dealing with. I'm trying to get a number of pictures to appear "below" the player/event or tilemap layer by adjusting the pictures Z-Level/Depth. The problem is that I've been searching for the past couple of days for something simple like using a script...
  4. Espilonarge

    Missing ID's in event commands

    I've just come to realize. In prior RPG Makers, just about every drop down list in commands such as "Set Movement Route", "Set Event Location" and so forth would show an "ID" beside the "Name" of the event but for some reason, MV is not showing this ID. It's actually quote tedious and...
  5. Espilonarge

    Yanfly Battle Engine and Boomerang code (Fixed!)

    I've been struggling with boomerang codes for almost 72 hours but a solution has been found! There seems to be an odd quirk with the way Yanfly's plugins work and how MoveAnime sets itself up. In the code, when the boomerang is "returning" to the user from the last/only target, Yanfly's plugin...
  6. Espilonarge

    Audio Pump Up FMOD help?

    First, a link to the script (including demo and documents for DSP effects). I was planning to use this script as having multiple channel support would be useful to avoid having to mash BGS files together (bad looping, file...
  7. Espilonarge

    Arevulopapo/PK8's Particle Engine "flickering" problem

    As the title states, I've run in to a minor (but still somewhat serious) issue regarding Arevulopapo/PK8's Particle Engine script causing a strobing/flickering problem when particles appear. If the particles wait timer is set to a low number (eg = 4 frames) the particles will flicker rapidly as...
  8. Espilonarge

    [ACE] MOG ATB System / Victor's Custom Collapse issue

    I'm trying to use Victor's Custom Collapse script but for some reason, MOG's ATB System script will show the victory screen instantly on the last enemies death rather than let Victor's script "delay" the victory screen until said collapse has finished. Is there some way to fix/patch this?
  9. Espilonarge

    SweetFX, is it possible with VXAce?

    The reason why I'm asking is because SweetFX is namely used for enhancing a number of graphic features in games, both 2D and 3D, where either the options are limited or the engine simply does not support graphic filters such as Bloom, HDR, FXAA/SMAA and so forth by "normal" means (even games as...
  10. Espilonarge

    Name of target in attacks?

    Just a simple request. I currently have a Variable set to show a targets name in attacks but it's not exactly working how I intended. The Variable is currently labelled under 500 as "" where in a Skill, it would apply the Variable to a skills formula (eg = v[500] = ; a.atk * 4 -...
  11. Espilonarge

    Intro script issues regarding start position.

    I've been using Mobychan's SceneManager script (located here) to create an intro, however the problem is that after the title screen it will keep going back to the same map (infinite loop) because the creator was "vague" on where to place the Transfer Player command in the events much less state...

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