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  1. Ronivan

    [RMMV]Auto Frame Plugin

    So hello everyone! I want to ask something a bit difficult perhaps, but also incredible useful if it would be done. I would like to ask if someone could create a plugin that allows the engine to recognize the number of frames an animation have without changing it its name. Let's say my Hero01...
  2. Ronivan

    Birch Trees!

    So hello everyone again! This time I would like to share my birch trees. Four kinds, each with 3 variation: Leaf, Leafless and Snow. I'll create at least more 4 soon. Free to use for any kind of project.
  3. Ronivan

    My Work Sample

    So hello everyone! After some time working on my own tilesets I decided to publish some sample of my work to see if it is of everyone approval and interest. I've been working on this set for a while, still incomplete though. They are all for RPG Maker MV, since I'm using 48 pixel². I'm...
  4. Ronivan

    Moghunter Time System Disabling Functions

    Hello everyone. I've recommend to my team Moghunter Time System, which is an excellent and very easy to handle time system plugin, but we have a problem, how do we disable some of the plugin functions, like our team only want the Time itself (hours and minutes) to be present, we don't want...
  5. Ronivan

    Tileset Creation Problem

    I'm having a hell of problem trying to understand how the template for MV works. I found no tutorial how they work either, how they work and who stays over who in there. As a pixel artist I try to invent my own tilesets, but so far I'm completely lost in MV, its too much confusing. Anyone could...
  6. Ronivan

    [XP] Moghunter Item Limit Problem

    So I have a big problem with Moghunter Item Limit script, which limits the number of items you could have. The problem occurs when I buy items. It ignores the money I have, allowing me to buy max number of items. For sample, if I have only 100$ and each potion costs 50$, it allow me to buy 99...
  7. Ronivan

    Auto Frame Script

    Hello everybody! I'm in desperate need of a script, for I'm working, or at least trying to work with XAS Hero ABS on RGSS, and I'm working with Ragnarok Online sprites. Basically all sprites vary greatly from number of frames, for example my character walking animation has 8 frames, but the...

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