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  1. dubiousdeeds

    Getting a Followers Coordinates

    I'm trying to find a way to get the X and Y coordinate of a specific follower and then place those values into a variable. This way when a specific event happens I can move my followers based upon where they are located. For example if my follower is a space below me I want them to move up...
  2. dubiousdeeds

    Shop Buy Window Categories

    It's driving me crazy that when I open a shop and go to "Sell" that all the categories of items open up and I can cycle through them, but this does not happen for "Buy". I have many merchants in my game that sell a variety of items and I would love to have them separated out in the categories...
  3. dubiousdeeds

    Making an empty equipment slot read "None"

    When equipping characters there is always the empty option at the very bottom of your equipments that allows you to equip "nothing" to that slot. Instead of this selection being just an invisible blank box does anyone know of a way to make it read "None"? I would love this since I use the script...
  4. dubiousdeeds

    Naming multiples of the same enemy

    Normally in a battle if you have multiples of the same enemy, the engine will affix a letter to the end of the names (for example, SlimeA, SlimeB, SlimeC). I know this is super picky of me put I would prefer numbers instead (for example, Slime1, Slime2, Slime3). I assume this is being controlled...
  5. dubiousdeeds

    Temporarily Boost Stat by a Set Value

    Is it possible to boost a stat temporarily, similar to a buff, but instead of a percent by an exact number? For example I'm trying to make an item that would boost a players DEF by 5 points for 3 turns, and then it would wear off, or it would wear off if the battle ended. I would prefer this...
  6. dubiousdeeds

    Need some event help with this final detail

    So I thought I had my event figured out but I didn't fully complete my thought and now I'm stuck. I have an event that has players place all their items and equipment into a locker. When the equipment is removed I have a script call that is placing the equipment id numbers into separate...
  7. dubiousdeeds

    Follower in Separate Vehicle

    Hi everybody, I have a scooter as my main vehicle in my game and I would like if my follower would tail behind me on another scooter as well.  Basically mimicking the way they already follow me when I'm on foot.  Does anyone know of a way to make this happen or if a script has been created to...

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