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  1. Lonewulf123

    Text Input during Combat

    Hello, I'm looking for a snippet or code that will allow Name and Text Input to be allowed during combat settings. By default it appears that if you have a name input processing during a battle event, it will just skip over this processing. Basically, I'm setting up some combat encounters...
  2. Lonewulf123

    Smooth Battle Log +Draw Text Ex

    This looks really great. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Lonewulf123

    BattleBacks “slide into view”

    Personally, I would like it to be from sliding from the left side of the screen to the center. for more context, my battle back has the appearance of a window kind of like this: but if others utilized the script I don’t know what they would want. Edit: I think for my purposes, I would only...
  4. Lonewulf123

    BattleBacks “slide into view”

    Hello, I’m looking for a snippet that will allow a battleback2 to quickly scroll across the Screen at the start of combat. it’s different from a scrolling battleback because it doesn’t constantly scroll; only scroll at the start and to its normal position. Basically, the image would start...
  5. Lonewulf123

    Scrolling Battle Log

    Yeah, I tried that and it didn’t work. however, after some digging I found that it was because of another script. Everything’s all good now!
  6. Lonewulf123

    Scrolling Battle Log

    thanks for the reply. I’ll do some testing this weekend :) EDIT: So it actually works pretty well with Yanfly’s battle system. The only issue I have with it is that it doesn’t appear in the combat log display script.
  7. Lonewulf123

    Scrolling Battle Log

    Have you tested this at all with Yanfly battle core? Just curious.
  8. Lonewulf123

    RMMV Omori

    I'm not going to lie: it's kind of weird that you bumped this topic for two years just to say this. Also keeping in mind that you kinda do similar things on the discord and Omori sub, do you just go around to all the Omori related things and post the same messages?
  9. Lonewulf123

    Amy's Artwork

    Gotta love the cactus!
  10. Lonewulf123

    "Memoria": Retro charsets and battlers

    These are absolutely beautiful. Great job, Jo.
  11. Lonewulf123

    [VXA] Actor Specific HP/MP Bar color

    Hello, I’m looking for a script or snippet that will let me choose what color an actor’s HP and MP bars will be. The only twist is, I would like the colors to be specific to the actor. for example, actor 1 could have green hp and mp bars, while actor 2 would have red ones. the only compatible...
  12. Lonewulf123

    RMMV Haven: Secret of Caledria | Demo Available

    Glad to see this project is still alive and well.
  13. Lonewulf123

    Games you're looking forward to

    Bravely Default 2
  14. Lonewulf123

    Whose plugins do you use the most?

    Yanfly easily.
  15. Lonewulf123

    Mode 7 Perspective in Games

    It’s amazing when done correctly. I wouldn’t say I prefer it though
  16. Lonewulf123

    Copyright Cheating?

    My advice is not to even tread these waters
  17. Lonewulf123

    RMVX Eremidia: An Empty Tome - Chessmaster's Challenge

    Congrats on finishing this up. I’ve been following this for a while and the growth in each iteration has been fun to play. I’ll have to give this final build a try :)
  18. Lonewulf123

    TamFey's Timed Button Attacks

    It might have an old version floating around, but it will be a while before I can look
  19. Lonewulf123

    Anyone Ever Play "Bravely Default"?

    Have I played it? I only dream of Bravely Third every night.
  20. Lonewulf123

    Your favorite RPG class?

    I like fighter classes and glass canon classes. However, I’ll play anything that looks cool and plays interesting.

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